Happy Birthday Tom

Happy 30-something birthday!

What I love about you;

Your skill at building a fire anywhere

Your strength!

Your love of outdoors

Your spiritual side

Your smile

You are a freak! :)

You're a great dad

Your eyes

Your helpfulness

You loved me THEN

You love me NOW

Glad you are MY "EC"

Your creative talents

Making us laugh

Being a child at heart

Dedicated to family

Dedicated to faith

Happy Birthday Tom!!!

More pictures to add to this post later...


Haircuts, Temple Square, and emotions!

2/16- My cute friend, Gina, cut my hair for a trade of babysitting! She is so nice! When I got home Sydney was upset because she has wanted her hair cut for months! So we called Gina and got Sydney in. When Sydney came home Savannah decided she wanted hers cut too! SOOOO, we call Gina again...luckily she was free most of the day! Thanks G!!!! So here we are, all matching hair, well, except for Summer, I am keeping her hair long for now.

And I am Gina's babysitting slave for a while! :)

Cute sisters/twins...Sydney and Savannah

Do they even look like me?

Since it was a holiday we went to Temple Square and walked around. It was SO fun! Savannah was adorable, she was bouncing around and said, "Mom, I am so happy, I must be feeling the spirit!" Kids fill my soul!!!

Love this view from the top of the Joseph Smith building. Can you tell Sydney is nervous? She is scared of heights like her mom!

Savannah helped Summer when her legs were tired.

Savannah and Zack talking before the Joseph Smith movie...I had no idea what I was in for...have you ever seen this movie?

Are you overwhelmed?
Think your life is hard?
Do you have problems?
Do you complain?

Well, if you haven't seen this movie about the life of Joseph Smith then you NEED to see it! I cried so hard I had to cover my mouth, the sobs were out of control! Granted I had PMS so my emotions were slightly more intense (haha). The life of this amazing prophet is just so incredible, inspiring, motivating, and full of sacrifice. I came out of the theater just feeling so grateful to him and his example, and so humbled for complaining about my problems! I have no trials, that I can really call a trial! I just hope when the REAL trials come that I have enough faith, and deep faith, to endure them well.


Valentine's Day

Tom let me sleep in, great start to the day! He went to the store and got supplies for a fun Valentine's breakfast, put paper down on the table for the kids to decorate, made pink heart shaped pancakes, and got each child a box of chocolates. SO sweet!

Kids decorating the table

Summer helped with the pancakes

The first one Tom cooked came out like this! The miracle heart!

The spread

The kids opened a package from grandma and bapa, they love to get packages. I heard them all squealing and saying, "We love grandma's packages! We love the crafts!" It was darling. Thanks grandma and bapa!!!

Happy Love Day!

Never get sick of it...

Thanksgiving Point Dinosaur Museum, biggest one in the world...really! Our kids still love it! It's been a great investment to buy the family pass each year.




everyone make a face...Tom, Summer, Sydney, Zack

Summer and Savannah


give me a smile Syd!

Hi cute baby , Summer!


I got glasses when I was 3, and hated them every day since. Of course I got called "four-eyes" and thought I was so ugly (no self esteem). I even asked my mom,

"Do you love me?"
She said, "Yes, of course I do!"
I said, "You HAVE to say that 'cause you're my mom! I know I'm ugly!" (Yeah, sad and dramatic).

I willed myself to not need my glasses in 7th grade, it was a true miracle for me! I guess you can do that when you're far sighted (and desperate!), and did not wear them again for a LONG time - only for reading when absolutely necessary!. I started to get lots of headaches so I finally got contacts after my mission.

I only had an old pair of glasses from 1980 that I used for reading or when I had no contacts. My kids laughed whenever I wore them! My whole family laughed at me when I wore them! I will post a picture because they really ARE hideous! Huge, coke bottle, bug-eye, glasses! This summer, after wearing my 1 month contacts for 5 months I thought, what if I try a new pair of glasses??? $350 dollars later I have updated my glasses! (I thought it would be cheaper than contacts but not so with my huge prescription!)

So ta-da here are my new eyes...

First time in my life I have not HATED my glasses!

At my parent's house, Savannah playing with Millie

kids playing wii

Savannah stays with Millie and Toby whenever we're at my parent's house


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