One of my angels and themed GNO

It is a blessing that I get to be with angels all day long, in my class. They are a true joy to know and love and teach. Here is one little cutie;

Me, Abby, Lydia, Amy, Hannah, and Shaylee

She loves us as much as we love her!

Another CARRAAAZZY GNO, Rock Diva theme, look at these ladies and notice the one who did not dress up...yep, that would be me...I don't have any cool clothes anymore!

Played rock star


Happy St. Patrick's Day!! AND some good news!!

To start the fun day off I walked into a teacher meeting in the morning and everyone said, "Where's your green?!" To make me feel even worse NONE of my kids wore green either! What kind of mother am I? Sending my kids off to the jungle of Elementary school to be pinched all day...

Tom covered the table, carved clovers into potatoes, and we decorated...

I love how Syd has some ink right on her nose, kind of looks like...

And meet "Gir" like grrrr. He is the FREE consolation prize to the kids for getting rid of our puppy. He DOES NOT replace my puppy but I do love him. I think our other cat, who is so fat, will now lose some weight playing with this little guy. Tom said, "Wouldn't it be just my luck to end up with ALL three animals?!" yeah, funny!

Caption for this picture...sigh..."Can we be done already?!"

We had green pancakes, green eggs, and green soda for dinner. My camera did not take the picture of the meal, I'm mad! (Stupid old camera, all the pictures come out discolored, blurry, overexposed...I hate it!)

And here is a little snipet of the craziness in our house, stirred up by Tom of course. Enjoy!

AND the good news is...

Tom got a job offer today!!!!! Thank goodness this is over!!! We feel so relieved, blessed, and thankful for all the blessings we have received! I just want to jump and scream! My first question to Tom was, "Can we get my puppy back now?!!!" Yay, yay, yay!!!!

Tons of fun and pictures with Grandma and Bapa!

Grandma and Bapa came to visit last week and we had a blast! Here is the review in pictures!

First my cute "pup-pup" Buddy, who is now being dog-sat at my parents house until I can convince Tom to let him come home! :)

Grandma always brings fun crafts

Grandma teaching the girls how to knit, they LOVE it!

Zack and his shark lego

They took us out to IHOP for Summer's pre-birthday...I love how Savannah looks, she really isn't bored, she has a headache and got car sick on the way there, poor girl.

Back at home opening presents for Summer

The final creation of crafts

fun, fun, and more fun

Summer plays with her new tinker toys

I took the kids out of school on Friday (and me) and we went to the zoo...

look at the cute monkeys...aka Syd and Zack :)

Summer and cousin Sam

any suggestions on how to stop a little boy from chewing on all his clothes????

Tom and his mom

the monkey wanted the nice purple wrapper

Savannah loves giraffes

Zack loves eagles

Syd loves elephants

After the zoo we went to the cemetery. Here is Tom's grandparents

and great grandparents

and great-great grandparents

Now for some videos of all the action...

Beware of the baby talk during this next video!!!


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