Say Goodbye...

The Death of a Toyota!

So, funny story...most of you know we have a 1990 Corolla that Tom drives all the time and we have had for 12 years. It has been a great car and has survived 2 transmission replacements among other things. A few weeks ago I was driving the car home from a meeting, on the freeway, and I was thinking what a great car this has been for us and how happy I am that it has lasted so long...BAM it started making a loud rattling noise that kept getting louder and louder. Luckily, I was right at my exit when the car exploded! Literally! It sounded like the engine fell out of the car, and I know something DID fall out because I drove over it! Exactly when that happened the car filled with thick smoke and smoke poured out of the front AND back of the car...of course I immediately panic thinking I am going to be toast in a few seconds and get out of the car as fast as I can! The ironic thing in this whole situation is that nobody stopped to help me! Did I mention it was 8:30 pm?? Ok, one more funny thing is that on my way to the meeting I had that fateful night a car in front of me broke down and I got out to help, even though it was 2 men! I was all proud of myself and thought that karma would be good to me in the future...Tom says in this situation it's "car-ma". So isn't that funny that no one stopped to help a woman by herself, at night, with an exploding car!!!!???? I can laugh now but it really isn't funny because we have no car! :( I had the car towed to Tunex to see if there was any hope and went in the next day to talk to someone...the Tunex guy just laughed and said, "Do you really want to know?" So I guess when a Toyota dies it dies HARD!



More of Zack-O-Man

Another fun tradition with birthdays is the birthday poster! Zack chose a character from Star Wars..I forget the name, but Tom and Zack know it!

Celebrating ZACK

Zack is 6 yrs. old!

This was Zack's birthday date with Mom and Dad. He chose to eat at IHOP, which he calls "IPOD", because his favorite food is pancakes!

Savannah and Tom Go To The ZOO!

Tom takes each child on a "date" and this was Savannah''s choice. It's such a treasured tradition for Tom and the kids! At least THEY get to go on dates with him! :)



I am scared to start teaching again! In just a few weeks I will have 13 special needs students (and their parents) to teach/take care of. Not to mention leaving my 3 yr. old with a babysitter (whom I adore). I think that I have a harder time separating from Summer than she does of me! At least my job is very rewarding and coincides with my kids schedule. Also, I am looking forward to being at the same school as my kids...I can keep an eye on them AND their teachers!!


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