6/11-6-12 San Diego Day THE END

What a great time with family! It was sad when it ended and I think it went too fast. At least I kept it together until I was in the car driving away and then I cried.

Friday was family picture day! Always an adventure trying to get pictures with tons of kids...


Grandma and Bapa with the kids

GOOFY picture- my favorite

Caleb and Grandma

another goofy

The whole Cannon Clan

Oh Matt, I just love you! :)


Reed, Caleb, Carson, Maia, Max, Kylie, Heidi

James and Becky cute, even without their kids! :)

Savannah and Zoey

we call this one the "peacock"


Terri, Matt, Ian, Jason

After pictures we ate lunch at a park

kids taking it to the next level!

we spent the rest of the day at the beach and the sun actually came out!

Max loved his trucks

the making of another awesome sand castle

nothin but air

everyone helped to build the protective wall

it actually lasted a LONG time before the tide came in



Maia is so glamorous!

Maia and Summer



Maia and Carson were so cute with Zoey

the main living room

Bapa, thanks for taking all of us to San Diego!

Zack loves his flying squirrel from the zoo

Summer got a llama

I wonder where Caleb learned to make funny faces at the camera...

"show off your pajama night" it was Carson and Sam's idea

Back home after spending the night in St. George with Becky & James

ALL THIS WAS IN OUR VAN! Good thing we have a big one!

Definitely the BEST part of my summer! Love you San Diego!


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