It's all about Zoey

Katie took some cute pictures of Zoey! Thanks Katie! It only took 2 hours! We now know you can't pose a sleeping one month old (because they wake up) AND you can't pose an awake one month old (because they fuss). So perfect picture taking time is either one week old or 2 months old! :) I still LOVE these!


she kept trying to eat her bracelet

she likes to be swaddled

Zoey, you are the sunshine of my life!


Summer,Easter,Zoey, MLS Soccer, glow in the dark minigolf and more...

Summer's birthday celebrations continue at my parents house...
Hannah loving on Zoey- she is SOOOOO baby hungry!

the AWESOME cake by Angie!

Mary, Macie, and Zoey

the favorite birthday gift...cookies from Mary's bakery

one of my favorite pics- just hanging around adoring the sunshine of our life

Zoey- I just love this baby!

Sydney got hurt at school and we thought she might have broke something, but the x-rays said no. Sydney was very sad and required LOTS of babying. :)

Being showered by Nicole and Collette! Thanks ladies!!!

nice decorations

cookies from Mary! YUM!

so fun

Zoey hanging out in her bouncer

Tom painted Zack's room

Zack and some of the Easter stuff

getting ready for the hunt

there's candy everywhere

the baskets

yep, candy everywhere

Tom looks so serious but he's actually having a great time watching the kids find candy

some of the loot

Zoey doesn't like the flash on my camera!

but that doesn't stop me from taking pictures :)

Easter Dinner

my favorite bunny

more great cookies from Mary

and my favorite Easter basket!

the aftermath...wrappers and candy all over...

I didn't know Mary sent us some hot cross buns so when Tom asked me if I wanted some I said in a very sarcastic tone, "What? Are you going to make me some?!" Haha

Summer is too cute with Zoey!

I love how Zoey always sleeps like this with her hands!!!

Tom makes a treat every week with a different kid for FHE, this is what Zack picked out from our big cookie book of recipes- The Cookie Bible- the kids gave it to Tom for his birthday.

FHE game- find the glow in the dark eggs! Very fun!

REAL Salt Lake! We got to go to the opening home game! It was fun to have some alone time with Tom and be there for a great game- even though I missed Zoey (it causes me physical pain to be away from her!)

At my parents house again for Macie and Atlie's birthdays.
Savannah has fun with static-

Brooke and Evie were in town! Yay!

cute Macie and Atlie

this is Summer's FHE treat she made with Tom- sugar cookie lollipops!

I can't get enough of this baby!

I just want to kiss those cheeks ALL the time! And love how she sleeps!

Tom and Savannah went on a date to Kangaroo Zoo in SLC, glow in the dark mini golf! How cool is that?!


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