My Sisters

Clockwise- Sally, Emma, Alison, Mary, Hannah
I am trying to figure out a slideshow of Thanksgiving so I will hopefully get it posted soon. It was such a fun day!


Fun with the Jardines

James, Becky, Sam and Mo came over for dinner on Sunday. We had a great time playing Star Wars trivia and eating knox blocks and pumpkin cake!

Mo is so cute!

Summer and Sam, best friends!

Savannah spent most of the night listening to her IPOD shuffle and then the rest reading her book. This was the first taste of pre-teen behavior for me...


Family Home Evening

This is how we do Family Home Evening most of the time, Tom draws and tells a lesson/story and the kids watch intently (it's the only time they really listen...) and then after the kids color the picture. It's fun to watch the process. So this time Tom told the story of the first Thanksgiving and then we all told things we were thankful for. When we got to Summer guess what she said? "Candy!" She always has candy on the brain but it has been 100x worse since Halloween!

The Multi-Talented James

We went up to The Salt Rock in Ogden to see James perform and it was amazing!!! He is so talented! It was a fun night!

James warming up!

Tom and Becky

Aunt Florence and Uncle Dave

Tom and Sally

Becky and Judy watching tenderly!


A Typical Miller Get Together

We met at Jon and Michelle's house on Sunday for a great dinner, and the chef was cousin Andrew!! We haven't seen him for a LONG time! For those who don't know my extended family, Jon and Andrew are my Dads' sisters' kids from Canada. (FYI 90% of my family has British and Canadian citizenship!)

Nana and Pops

Jon and Andrew

Mary and Hannah (weirdos)

Mary, Joe, and Hannah (super freaks)


Pictures from the Cannon Reunion 2007

Tom's cute siblings and their families! I got these pictures from Heidi (THANKS HEIDI!!) She does such a great job with digital scrapbooking!!

The whole gang, Grandma and Bapa, and the grandkids!

I am in such a blogging mood tonight! I did like 5 posts and none of them are in order!!! Anyway...ENJOY!!

Nana's Birthday! Oct. 21st

Savannah and Nana

Playing monkey in the middle...

Hannah goes to save Mary who is being dogpiled by the kids...and the cute boy in the picture is Hannah's "friend" Mike who went into the MTC on 10/23 for the Ukraine

There is no doubt that my kids have limitless energy!!!

I survived Halloween!

This is my cute class...I am the "utterly" gorgeous cow...

My Summer is definately my candy child, the worst EVER! We went trick-or-treating for 2 hours and she could've kept going!!! (I had to quit because my feet were aching) I could tell she was exhausted but she would not stop! She wouldn't even let me carry her bag, and it was FULL! She cracks me up. By the end though she said, "Mom, I don't want to say trick or treat anymore." So I asked her if she wanted to go home and she said "NO!" This picture is from today...3 lollipops at one time!!!

More Big Red Barn 10/26

Tommy and Zack

Summer, Sydney, and Zack found their perfect pumpkins

Pumpkin Heads



The Big Red Barn

We went to the "Big Red Barn" in Santaquin with the Stewart family. It was so much fun. They take you out to the pumpkin patch on a hay ride and then you pick your pumpkins. It's an awesome place and the prices were great!

Savannah on the fence

I love us!

Summer Blossom!

The hay ride, Breezy, Sydney, Adam, And Zack being kooky!

Summer, Raegan, Brandon's hair, Krissy, Adam, Breezy

Carving Pumpkins!

Finished pumpkins and more cute kid pics

Savannah, Sydney, Zack, and Summer's pumkins...they drew the picture on the pumpkin and we helped them carve!

Summer and Savannah

I love this picture of Zack and Sydney!!


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