Christmas Eve we went and had hot chocolate and donuts in the mountains, it was absolutely beautiful but I forgot the camera! It had snowed the day before and it was a winter wonderland, I was so sad I didn't get any pictures!

Then we had breakfast for dinner- everyone loves waffles, eggs, bacon, sausage, muffins...yum!

Summer and Tom


Zack and Sydney

Summer had so much energy!

Tom made all the food

I did the table

Savannah and Zack

Summer and Sydney

I got my Christmas scrapbook stuff out and let the kids decorate their "Santa placemats" so Santa would know where to put their gifts

Savannah's design




getting ready to open their Christmas Eve PJ's...I didn't make them this year

Sydney got a matching nightgown for her monkey

we watched my favorite version of Christmas Carol- THE MUPPET CHRISTMAS CAROL


Zack got his space shuttle, he is into SPACE and science stuff right now

Savannah is clapping..so cute- because she got a guitar

Tom bought an extra stuffed animal by accident so it had to be for Zoey

Sydney got her Zambi Elephant

breakfast at the Millers, with Christmas crackers of course!

Emma and Mary

Macie, Summer, Atlie, Sydney

Vanna and Zack

Mary and Joe

"Father Christmas" and Summer

The day after Christmas we spent with cousin Dave and his family in the mountains, this time I got pictures!

the kids were creative with sledding

trying to build up a bonfire

cute baby Nathan

it was FREEZING but worth it

the fire was awesome

we roasted mini marshmellows


we couldn't keep the kids off the ice

GREAT Christmas!!!


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