How does another month go by SO fast? Summer's bday, April Fools...

This is my future kitty!  Tom and I made a deal, one I never ever thought he would agree to, and it was HIS idea!  I want to reach this goal of mine and Tom wanted to give me some extra motivation.  It's working....it helps that the kids are excited and want me to reach my goal too! 

Summer is SEVEN!  I can't believe it.  Tom used sparklers.

I love this little Summer blossom!

Zoey loves our bday tradition of donuts!

Summer on her b-day!  Cutie pie!

Zoey loves to hang out when we take showers, she gets all wet! 

I took Summer and 5 of her friends to a hair salon for her party.  They did up-do's for their hair and mini-manicures!  They all had so much fun! 

Macie looks a little nervous

Atlie is loving it

Summer thought it was THE BEST!  She felt like a princess! 

Halle gets her nails done

I never let my girls paint their nails (just toes) because I hate how it always looks messy after the first day...Summer is in heaven!

Kinsey sang Justin Bieber!

Summer's nails

All the pretty princesses

Back home for presents and cake

Summer's bday dinner.  She loves French Pancakes!

the loot

She's such a funny kid!

Tom drew her a "LaLa Loopsy doll" poster

My favorite is seeing her reactions!

In case you are wondering, THIS is a LaLa Loopsy doll

Zoey loves to be on Tom's shoulders- he says, "Where's Zoey?"

There she is!

Sparklers again, everyone helps light them at the same time, this is serious business.  I need to get some candles!

Summer celebrates at my parents' house.  Angie made the YUMMIEST cupcakes!  There was an oreo inside the cupcake and oreo frosting!  Wow!

Cute girls

April Fools Day Dinner!  I made meatloaf and potatoes cupcakes.  I told the kids since it was April Fools we get to do special things like have dessert for dinner....

Sydney loved it and wants to have it for her bday dinner

Summer was expecting REAL dessert so she is not happy

Zack is disappointed too

They were REALLY confused when I made "British Grilled Cheese Sandwiches" for dessert! 

Summer LOVED dinner for dessert!  Of course because it is made with pound cake and orange frosting!  Yum!

Zack has a sweet tooth too

Poor Zoey, we're starting her sugar addiction early!

General conference!  We always get Mcdonalds for breakfast on Saturday morning.  I know, we're so healthy here.  But 2x a year isn't bad right?

We went to Thanksgiving Point in between sessions

what is this big white wall?

SO COOL!  Shadow fun!

Zoey showing off her dancing skills, we have a talented baby  ;)

Lets see if she likes the sand/water table...

Too much!  She ate the sand! 

This face reminds me of Tom when he was a baby

My family loves to joke and pose.  I love them! 


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