July 2012

What a BIG month! Savannah goes to EFY, Savannah and Syd go to YW camp, and CHELSEA GRACE is born! :)

July 4th- went to a neighborhood show, it was great..I think, everything is a blur from March to July 25th!  

Love my Zoey
 just some fun pictures of the kids
Taking Savannah to EFY, it was exciting.  
Savannah and Marissa- cute girls
Oh my gosh I am so swollen and look so sick.  Babies are worth it though!
Having an impromptu photo shoot on BYU campus (I stayed in the car)
We took Savannah and Zoey to a ghost town, can't remember what it was called but it was only an hour away. 


Zoey getting into some big "stickers"
My sweet sweet Chelsea Grace is finally here! 7/25/12  11:42 pm 8 lbs 10 oz  19 1/2 inches
  The story of her birth is a very long one and I don't want to put all the details on here, but let's just say it was scary and my epidural never happened, but the Dr thought it did, and I got lots of stitches. Not fun. The nurse said I was one of the bravest ladies she has seen. I have never thought of myself that way, it was a nice compliment. I'm just glad I didn't scream! I cried, but I didn't scream :)
She needed some oxygen for a while after she was born.  But I got to hold her a few hours after she was born.   

I can't figure out blogger and how to align pictures and write without doing it on the picture caption, I need a tutorial.  

So Chelsea, wow, I felt like a million bucks after she was born!  I was on magnesium and the nurses said I was the happiest person they have seen on that!  Well, it just shows how AWFUL I felt for 9 months prior.  Definitely a memorable experience.  I love babies, I love kissing them, taking care of them, hanging out with them in the middle of the night when the house is quiet, taking naps with them, smelling their indescribable baby smell (someone needs to bottle that), I love love love everything about them.  BUT I do not think I will go through pregnancy again, this one almost killed me.  :)

Zoey has been the sweetest with Chelsea, we thought she would be jealous, but she LOVES her and kisses her, and has been totally protective.  They have a special bond, I can see it already. 

Chelsea was born when the girls were at YW camp, all they saw was a picture.  They met Chelsea when I came home from the hospital.  I love having teenagers and babies, they balance each other out.  :)  My teenagers have been fun, let's hope it stays that way! 



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