morning donuts!

poster & presents

Sydney gave Summer a bag full of treasures, so cute

Summer's favorite gift...make-up!

cake time

date with mom & dad

she wanted to go to IHOP

Tom draws for her

Maggie Moo's ice-cream

Summer has been the baby for 6 years and she is handling losing her throne very well. :) We are so blessed to have Summer in our family! Summer is always happy! Even when she is in a pouty mood she snaps out of it easily. She doesn't like when her room gets messy. She loves to give hugs!


Foods- watermelon, cantaloup, and all fruit
Color- rainbow and all the colors in the world
Game- Barbie Dog Game
Toy- Lipstick and make-up
Activity- coloring, computer, games, playing with toys
TV Show- Oomie Zoomie Show
Movie- Barbie and the Diamond Castle
Place to go- Walgreens (what?!) and the Zoo
Subject at school- playing in the toy room (what else?) and reading
What do you want to be when you grow up? A kitty, (after more prompting) give pets to people.
What are you scared of?- monsters
What makes you happy?- playing together with Sydney, Savannah, and Zack.
What makes you sad?- being lost :(



Having a baby is a MIRACLE! I feel blessed to have made it to 37 weeks, even though bed rest was HARD.

My precious Zoey was worth the FIVE YEAR WAIT, and every worry, pain, heartburn, bloating, hip and back aches, no sleep, high blood pressure. I couldn't love this baby more! I am just so in love with her. We ALL are!

Can there be enough baby pictures?


Our beautiful hospital room with the view of the Mt. Timpanogos Temple

anxiously waiting for my baby

And she's here! But I only got to hold her for a minute before they took her away for hours. Tom stayed with her. She had respiratory problems because my placenta ruptured during labor and she had blood in her lungs and stomach. Poor baby, they got so much blood out of her!

Savannah, Zack, and Sydney

her IV

I got to hold her again for 10 minutes until they took her away for hours...

Summer loves her little toes

she is so excited!

Savannah has bronchitis so she wears a mask around the baby

Sydney is such a cute little mom

Mary took the day off work to be with the kids while we were in the hospital

Joe also came to help

in the NICU

the cute decor by the NICU nurses

love this picture!

Macie and Angie came to visit

beautiful flowers from Tom's work

Zoey is a little jaundiced...

they put her prints on the NICU wall



cute little nugget

Summer was totally adorable when we brought Zoey home

the kids want to help do everything- dress, hold, change her

Nana & Pops

Tom and Bapa talk soccer

Summer wants to be near her all the time

Becky & James brought Sunday dinner over

the girls "help" bathe Zoey

hi cute baby

I love this picture

there's NOTHING like a baby!

I could kiss this face ALL day!

gas smile, hee hee


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