April 2012

General Conference happens 2x a year and I wanted to do something fun for the kids this time so I surprised them with conference baskets.  I "make" them watch all sessions, that's 8 hrs!  :)  Of course the younger ones I let play a bit.  In the baskets are a journal, fun pen, crayons, treats, drinks, and a packet of activities to do while listening to the talks.  The kids LOVED it!  I"m afraid I'll have to keep this new tradition going...

Sugar cookie time!  Love Zoey's hair and Summer's expression, not sure what she's mad about.

Zoey just ate the sprinkles and icing


Mar- April 2012 Summer's Birthday and Baptism

Summer's Birthday- She turns 8!  And gets baptized!  :)

We usually have doughnuts but we couldn't find any so she got cupcakes

Celebrating the March b-days at Nana and Pop's house

Cute baby Jolene

Layla and Zoey

Showing off an outfit

The poster and stuff

Yummy oreo ice-cream cake

Zoey's crying because Summer is sitting on "HER Daddy"

Baptism dress from Grandma

Summer loves Gymnastics, gum, babies, webkinz, lala loopsy, earrings, lip gloss, nail polish, she is very cuddly and sweet

We sure like Legos in our family

Savannah doing her hair the night before, so sweet!

Cute Little Girl! 

Summer and Shanna (Savannah's friend)

  Saylor, Summer, Macie, Atlie, Sam, Mo, Eowyn, Sydney, Zoey, Zack, Savannah

Cute Grandma's

Jolene, Mary, Joe

Florence and Grant

Jerry and Autumn

Savannah and Shanna

Dave, Florence, Summer, Grant

Mary and Becky

Angie and Tim

Love you Summer!

Nana and Pops

Eating at the Olive Garden after the baptism


New Scriptures from Grandma!

Trying olives for the first time

Not liking them so much

Good times


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