Crafts, friends, camping, buddy walk, mountains

Sept. 09- While Grandma and Bapa were here for Zack's baptism, the kids did crafts with them, they ALWAYS love it!

Sydney had a late night with her best friends Alayna and Christina

Zack went to Father's and son's with Tom. I think he loves this more than anything else. The ONLY time I heard him say he didn't want a brother was because he wanted to do "Father's and Sons" with daddy alone!

at the end of September we went to the Utah County Down Syndrome Foundation "Buddy Walk" It was so much fun the kids didn't want to leave.

the love of Star Wars runs strong in our family

cool face painting

collecting leaves in the mountains...breathtaking!

Backing up with more Summertime

Right when school started my dad's sisters came to visit! It was nice to see my family from Canada and England!

my cousin Wendy brought candy for all the kids, Summer with her Kinder Egg

Zack finally has some boys to play with

Sydney and Atlie


Dad and his sisters, Wendy and Ruth


Cousin Andrew is a GREAT cook!

Auntie Ruth and Isaac

Michelle and Jon

Ray and Wendy

Kate and Andrew

Ken, Dad, Tim

Mom and Uncle Ted

Sally and Wendy

girls just hanging out

Zack and the boys

Zack's Baptism 9/5/09

My Zack is old enough to be baptized? He is such a sweet boy and so sensitive. It was a really special day! We are SO proud of Zack!

Zack gets his first set of scriptures from Grandma and Bapa

Julie, Bapa, Susan

Zack and Tom

the whole group

I love my family!

Joey, Mary, Landon, Hannah, Macie, Tim, Angie, Zack, Atlie

Grandma and Florence

Mary, Grandma, Tim, Hannah, Joey

Tom and Julie

Bapa, Zack, Grandma

Dave and Grandma

James and Becky

we went to Olive Garden after


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