I try hard not to disappoint with all my mountain posts...I have a lot of catch up to do!

We went up to Granite Flats campground to BBQ, with Ryan and Melissa and their girls. I saw Zack and asked him what he was doing. He said, "Well, I don't have anyone to play with so I made one, my stick friend." Oh, Zack, you are too cute, I'm sorry you don't have any boys to play with...

Abby, Savannah, and Sydney

who gave that boy an ax?????

Can there ever be enough mountain excursions? I think not.

End of school year activities

What a busy time May is for everyone! The last month of school makes me feel like I am running around like a crazy person. I like to be busy though.

Zack's 2nd grade dance festival, they did a Scottish dance. He was SO cute!

Sydney's class did presentations and she wrote a story. She is the most creative little girl!

She also performed at the silver lake amphitheater, she was chosen to sing part of a solo.

at the amphitheater

she looks bored, and maybe she is, they had to wait a while to start

Alayna and Sydney, best friends

Sydney's class sang in Eagle Mountain for a tribute to military. Senator Bennett was there and Savannah shook his hand. I can't believe how tall he is!

Videos of Zack and Sydney


I heard some singing from the bathroom and found this little sunshine sitting in the sink..

Summer graduated from preschool. She was so cute! I can't believe she will be starting kindergarten this fall!!

Crazy daddy

farmer in the dell


Savannah is ELEVEN!

My first baby is now eleven! The years do pass quickly. Savannah is such a sweetheart! Always giving hugs and showing kindness. I am so glad she still likes to snuggle with me and wants to be with her family. She loves to laugh and be silly (wonder where she gets that from...) She loves animals but especially horses. We drive by one every morning on the way to school and she has named her "mystery".

Interview with Savannah- What is your favorite...

movie - "Flicka"
TV show - "Teen Titans"
color - "blue"
food - "ramen noodles"
candy - "caramello"
activity - "hang out with my Buddy boo" (that's our puppy)
book - "Forgotten Philly" (about a horse)
place - "New Mexico and the beach."

What do you want to be when you grow up? "Own a few horses and maybe be a teacher."

Are you going to get married and have kids? "Of course! In the Temple Square. Kids will be Angela, Branden, Matt, and Brittany."

What else do you like? "My friends and parties, and animals, and my DS, and club penguin."


morning donuts

she wanted a goat poster...because Tom took her on a date to the farm and they met a very funny goat!

YAY! A new shawl from grandma, since Tom shrunk the last one...

going on her date with mom and dad

we got KFC and went up the mountains

they forgot to give us forks...

we climbed a little

Tepanyaki for our family date (Sydney doesn't want to show her forehead)

Celebrating at the Millers, and Hannah's b-day too!

Sydney, Landon, and Zack

Sydney likes to make "worlds" when we are at Nana's...like "worm world".
This is "snail world."


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