Summer Party, Zoey Blessing and other various family activities!

5/16- I've been trying to post this for over 2 weeks! I guess I have had more important things to do like sleep and hold my baby! :)

5/30- I've been trying to post this for 4 weeks now! I think today might be the day!

We made it through 4 weeks of total sleep deprivation/chaos/survival mode!

Seriously, I want to know who decided that 6 weeks was enough for maternity leave???? Because the baby is DEFINITELY NOT sleeping through the night at that point. I would LOVE to see a man function on 4 hours sleep, work full-time, and take care of 5 kids...THAT would be hilarious.

Tom on the other hand is not a "typical man" and I mean that in the BEST way. He has taken care of many things this last month! He took care of the baby until after her midnight feeding so I could go to bed early and get some sleep, he made the kids school lunches and got 5 kids out of the house everyday by 9:00 (I left at 8:00), he got up early on Fridays to do his "Flapjack Friday" breakfast, he set up bottles and formula and a soda for me every night when I got up with Zoey, he helped with laundry, shopping, cooking, and cleaning. I would not have survived without him! He is my "SUPER TROOPER" (start singing the song from Mammia Mia, I am!)

We were blessed to make it through this month. Believe it or not I didn't cry as much as I thought I would. I know that was a blessing. It was also a blessing to have such wonderful people take care of my Zoey and Summer! Grandma and Bapa took the whole first week! I did cry when they left because I didn't know how we could do it without them! Joani made some freezer meals for us which was AWESOME!!! Jodi, Tarin, Katie, Collette, and Becky, you ladies were SO GREAT!!! THANK YOU!!! I wish I had a picture of you with Zoey to post here...I may have to get them! :)

Now on to playing catch up...

We went in the mountains up to our favorite place- Big Spring Park in Provo Canyon, I can't even remember when we did this, it might have been the end of April? I just looked in iphoto and it was April 18th

my little boy

my kiddos

that same day we took a walk with Becky & James along the Jordan River

throwing rocks

Summer loves my laptop, I do too!

Summer went with Tom on a date to Color Me Mine - 4/21

she's goofy just like her dad!

I love how she drew those cat eyes!

Zack held Zoey for the first time on April 24th! I know he likes her now! :)

April 26- before I went back to work I wanted to do something with the kids so we went to Thanksgiving Point Farms with Laura

Summer kept wanting to pose

hi Zack- O

April 30- I finally felt up to having Summer's friend party but could NOT have done it without Angie! She helped with EVERYTHING- invites, ideas, supplies, set-up, clean-up, and holding Zoey the whole time! We did a "Pajama Party", it was a lot of work but I'm glad I did it, (it was Summer's FIRST friend party!) This was also the day I went back to work...

this is decorating pillow cases, there were 16 cute little girls over, not including my kids! Tom had class in SLC so I didn't have to worry about him getting overloaded! :)

bingo under the canopy


and I let all my kids sleep under the canopy, Atlie & Macie slept over too. This is the morning after...

May 2- Zoey Blessing Day!

Syd & Zo-Zo

Grandma & Bapa

Tom being "funny"

my oldest and youngest

the family

Nana & Pops


Zoey "Glowy" and her cute dress & booties

Uncle Kent and Aunt Ann

my Zoey

hi cuteness

I love you baby girl!


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