Mary Kay

I order Mary Kay for family and friends for 40% off but I only order once a year so if anybody wants anything just let me know. I will be placing an order on Friday 2/29. You can go to marykay.com to see all the stuff. *Update, I can still take orders until the end of March.


Tom's Birthday!

We did our traditional birthday donuts in the morning, always fun! Then Tom left for work and found some treats in his car, then at work he found his office decorated, by me and Sydney the night before, and more treats! I want to be the "biggest loser" which means he can't lose more weight than me! Then I met Tom for lunch at Chilis. It is so nice to spend some time together, alone!

Surprise party for daddy!

The kids all wore the t-shirts they picked out for him.

They discontinued Daiquiri Ice at Baskin Robbins, we had to settle for Heath ice cream. Tom has been getting the Daiquiri Ice flavor every birthday since High School! Sorry babe!

Shouldn't Summer be happier??

I saw this on a friends' blog and thought it was great! So here's to Tom!

The Facts were these...

What is his name? Thomas Collins Cannon
How old is he? 36
How long have you been married? 11 Years
How long did you date? 15 months, but I knew I wanted to marry him right away! He wanted to make sure he had a life plan before committing...after 10 years of school it's a good thing we didn't wait! :)
Who eats more sweets? That's hard because we both love to have treats! But if there are treats around Tom can't stop eating them! So I'm going with Tom!
Who is taller? Tom (6'1) Sally (5'3) HA!
Who can sing better? Neither of us really can, but at least we try! FHE song time is totally hilarious!
Who said I love you first? Tom
Who is smarter? Ummm, we are pretty much the same
Who does laundry? Me, but Tom helps fold
Who pays the bills? Me and that's only fair since I spend the money!!
Who sleeps on the right side of the bed? Me
Who mows the lawn? Tom does the yard stuff, we only have grass so far, no garden.
Who cooks dinner? 70% Me, 30% Tom, but he always helps clean up.
Who drives? Tom
Who is more stubborn? We are both first borns...so it's a tie. I'd still give it to Tom though, our family jokes about the "Cannon Stubbornness"
Who asked who out first? I asked Tom out 3 times before he asked me, and he's lucky because I had a 3 strike rule, I ask a guy out 3 times and if no reciprocation then BYE!
Who kissed who first? Tom, and for the record he is the best kisser, and I should know!
Who proposed? Tom, it was where we had our first date and he was so sweet!
Who has more siblings? Me (9) Tom(4)
Who wears the pants? That's funny because Tom never wears pants, he wears shorts! I agree with what I have heard others say...the husband presides but the wife conducts!

I love my Tommy! He is so funny and energetic and crazy! I am so grateful to have him forever, there will never be a dull moment! He is an awesome father and my best friend. He is my strength and example! Thanks for being mine, hon! Happy Birthday!


2/25 Sydney and I went on a date to the Dinosaur Museum and then to get pedicures. Sydney also got her nails done. She picked out blue, sparkly polish and the tech painted white flowers on them. Syd loved it! She was so cute! We had so much fun!


After Family Home Evening on Sunday the kids got to color Tom's lesson. I am amazed at their attention while he is telling a scripture story and illustrating. His lesson was at least 30 minutes and they did great, it was the story of Limhi in the Book of Mormon (Summer kept asking when she could color!) You have to know my kids well to understand this completely...they are all ADD. :) I guess since Tom can relate to them he knows how to keep them entertained.

I love Summer's fruit punch grin!


Here are the rules. Four people will be tagged. You have to answer the questions, then post on the person tagged, let them know they are tagged, and then they post the answers on their blog. It is always fun to learn more about people!!!

10 Years ago...
Mostly newlywed (22 months), I was expecting my first baby Savannah, working as a Special Ed teacher at Springville High School (Go Devils!), living in Provo while Tom was going to BYU, and we taught Sunday School at Church. Oh and I thought I was old and fat!!! HA!

5 Things On My To Do List Today...(only 5???? ok how 'bout I start when I get home from school)
1-Send the girls to piano lessons then get Summer from Daycare
2-Get dinner ready, try to tidy up a bit, while blasting music from my itunes
3-Throw in a load of laundry, make sure kids aren't creating more mess, check Blogs!
4-Eat dinner, Clean up dinner, read scriptures, do homework with the kids, bath time, get kids in bed, give my honey a birthday kiss! then get on the treadmill while I watch Biggest Loser (it's SO motivating!)
5-Sorry that was 17 things!! :)

If I were a Billionaire...
I would pay off all my relatives houses/student loans/debts.
I would quit work and have 6 more babies, at least!!!
I would have a housekeeper so I could just have fun time with the family.
Go on vacations/travel.
Go on church missions with Tom as many times as possible, over and over!!

3 Bad Habits...
1-I pick the split ends on my hair, it drives everyone crazy!!
2-I am perpetually late!
3-I like to watch Days of Our Lives...did I actually just write that!!!!!???? SHHHHHHHH!

5 Places I've Lived...
1. Milton Keynes, England
2.Toronto, Canada
3. Maplewood, New Jersey
4. Miami Beach, Florida
5. Los Alamos, New Mexico

5 Jobs I've had...
1. Fast Food joints in USA and England!
2. Various Retail in Malls
3. Custodian at the BYU Marriott Center
4. Babysitter for most of my life
5. Special Ed Teacher

Things Most People Don't Know About Me...
I have a green card because my parents are British and I was born there, I want 10 babies (just kidding everyone knows that!), I have never broken a bone in my body or even been in the hospital overnight (except to give birth), I had a 4.5 minute grand mal seizure 6 years ago (I should be dead), I don't like to sleep alone EVER-even growing up when I had my own room I would sleep with my sister, when Tom is gone I have the kids sleep with me OR I stay up all night, yes I am afraid of the dark and being alone. I HATE heights, maybe because my dad lifted me up over the railing on top of the Twin Towers when I was little!!!! And I don't care if I never get on another airplane my entire life, I hate them, and if I do have to I better be sedated!

Now to TAG 4 people...


The Aquarium!

Feb. 23, we had a family outing to the aquarium in Sandy.  It was fun!  We have such cabin fever...this winter has been too long and too harsh for a family who thrive on the outdoors!  As soon as it is warm we will be in the mountains at least 2 times a week!  Can I just vent for a minute?  OK, so now that I am a working mom and we only have the weekend to do things it is extremely hard!  I feel like I am gone all week and then when I am home I am trying to catch up on laundry, cleaning, shopping, etc. when all I want to do is play with my family!!  It really got to me this weekend so I was really happy to get out of the house and go to the aqaurium, we then took the kids to play at the McDonalds playplace, then finished the night with shopping at Walmart.  So now it's Sunday night, we had a fun day going to church, coming home to pot roast, afternoon naps (just me), cheese and crackers for dinner, making cookies with dad, watching America's Funniest Home Videos, looking through scrapbooks, having family home evening and I have work tomorrow, and I could cry...I just want to stay at home and have 2 more kids!  :)   So there's my feelings.  Sometimes my blog is like a christmas letter, all the good things, none of the hard times, so thought I would share.  I do know we have been blessed , I am so happy to be a wife and a mom, we have the Savior in our lives, we have so many comforts, and we have our health.  There I ended on a positive!  :)   Now here are some cute pics of the kids...

Touching the sting rays...

Visit with BYU friends

Monday Feb. 18th, there was no school AND I got to visit with some friends that I have known for 18 years!!  Now I feel old!  It is nice to live in Utah because we get to see a lot of friends, who have family here.  But when we get together it's like not a day has gone by and we're all still living in the dorms at BYU...then I look over and see that my kids have literally made a pool of syrup on the table next to us (we were at IHOP).  Overall I must say my kids were good, I didn't come away from the experience crying, which usually happens after being out with them.

Shauna, Mindy, Laura, and me.

Sydney & Zack having fun
Summer & Savannah (why does Summer not smile for me???)


My England Room

Tom is so cute, he has been working on my birthday present for over a month now!  It was to finish the old preschool room, paint the laundry room, and paint some furniture.  He has been working so hard!  I have always wanted a themed room of England so we decided to do the laundry room.  Tom painted it all blue and then put some things we have from England on a shelf.  It is just the beginning but I am excited!  My Aunt Barb brings gifts over from England for my kids every time she comes and I confiscated them for my room!  SO if anyone has some cute British knick knacks they would like to donate....

Here is part of the laundry room.  I want to find some fabric with British flags and cover the bench cushion.
I can't remember where we got these, they are actually dish towels, I think.

These are some of the things I took off the kids :)  They let me!

Tom wants to paint the flag on the ceiling, I think it will be cool!!


Happy to be alive...

OK, so most of you know I am a "drama queen" but today it took me more than 2 hours to drive home from school, which normally takes only 10 minutes!!!  The main road from Eagle Mountain was closed because of a 16 car pile up, so cars were routed to take the back roads in Saratoga Springs.  Let me set the stage for you...blizzard, white out conditions, crazy wind, multiple vehicles crashed or off the road, miles of cars, moving at a snails' pace of course, me crying, kids crying, me and kids praying, van sliding on and off the road every 5 min, me crying some more, wondering if we were going to be stuck, feeling the wind blow the van, Sydney scared it's a tornado, can't see 5 feet in front of you, did I mention 100 mile/hour winds (OK that may be dramatized, but NOT much!), seeing telephone poles bend and wires going everywhere, ice so thick on every window I had to try to put down my window to see the 5 feet in front...you get the idea, not fun!  I dare say I do not want to get into my van again any time soon!  Can we say "school better be closed tomorrow!"  We definitely said some more prayers when we made it home safely!!  It's almost midnight and I'm still worked up about the ordeal.  Are the rest of my Utah friends and family alright???


Dates with Mom

Every Monday night Tom and I take turns taking our kids on "Dates".  They love it, we love it! But you will only see pictures of my dates with the kids because Tom doesn't want to "ruin" the date by stopping for pictures!  :)  Family Home Evening works better for us on Sundays, for those of you who were thinking, "MONDAY NIGHT!"  So I took Zack to Boondocks (which is a fun place to play games), I love how serious his face is while riding the motorcycle!

Zack showing his prizes, he actually won more tickets than I did!  And I was really trying to win him some!!
Summer was clapping in the car on the way to the Bean Museum!  My poor baby needs my attention!!!
My baby and me


Update on Summer's Sleep Study

So the results are that she is having 3 episodes of sleep apnea an hour. One doctor thinks it is centralized and another doctor thinks it is obstructive. I guess the difference is one is in the brain and the other is tonsills and adnoids. So they want to take out the tonsills and adnoids and then do another sleep study. If there is no change after that then I don't know what the options are, I guess we will just wait and see. This is so minor compared to my family and friends who are going through some tough times. Our prayers are with Uncle Steve, Heidi, and Miss Jen and their families.


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