Cousin Sleepover

I was a little surprised when Tom didn't reject the sleepover idea with the cousins (for those who don't know my Tom he's a little OCD when it comes to having people/kids over...noise, mess, chaos) but what a fun night for the kids! All of them slept in Savannah and Sydney's room, including Summer and Zack. I laid in there with them too after we said prayers to make sure they settled down and the next thing I know Tom is tapping me asking if I'm coming to bed...it was after midnight! Not a huge shocker that these days I'm like an old lady, falling asleep whenever I sit down! :) I was expecting a night of waking up frequently so I was amazed when Sydney came in at 8:00 am, score! Didn't get up at all! Then Tom offered to make waffles with the kids! He said, "Sally, I'm even surprising myself!" Way to go for taking a step toward normality! (I'm totally teasing) It was so fun!

My cute Summer

My pretty Savannah girl

All the cute kiddos

Making waffles

Silly Tom

Let's eat!

Nemo tried to join us a few times

Atlie and Saylor (making a funny face)

Bath time with shaving cream...

BBQ in the mountains

It's been WAY too long since we've cooked in the mountains! Finally we planned a day to go with the Stewarts and it was cold and cloudy!! (Shocker!) Tom persuaded us to give it a try and we are all glad we did! I love making a fire, BBQ, smores, watching the kids play for hours (using nothing but their imaginations!) and just hanging out. Very rejuvenating!

Circus at the Zoo

On Saturday we went to the zoo with everyone! 23 people!! It was fun! Kind of hard to negotiate the crowds with that many people, but fun! I'm still waiting to get some pictures from other family members...(you KNOW who you are) then I'll add them to this slide show and post it to your blogs. :)


Meet Lion!

I have called our cat (Nemo) a lion ever since we got him almost 2 years ago. So when we took him to be groomed they asked if we wanted a lion cut, well of course! Look at how cute he is! And he loves it! Mufasa, I mean Nemo is the best cat!


In the car



Good Times at Nana & Pops house!

Emma is back from med school studying for the boards and Jerry and his cute family came in from Virginia for a week! So of course we had a fabulous time together at Nana & Pops' house! My favorite part was holding my niece Eowyn for the first time! I never wanted to let go! Ah, babies! :) We also had Savannah's Miller party and Tom (always the joker) thought it would be funny to blow out the candles every time we were ready to bring them to Savannah, he blew them out 4 times...FINALLY we got the LIT candles over to Savannah, sang to her, brought the cupcakes back to the table, 2 minutes later someone notices the candles are lit again...THOMAS!!! Then we noticed the cupcake packaging had caught on fire! Luckily nothing else caught fire, thanks to pyro Tom! Ha Ha! Good times! (Here's the slide show and if you want to read the captions just put your mouse n the picture.)


Just for fun

Guess, just guess who was the FIRST to use the Kitchen Aid? Yep, it was Tom-my cute little baker man- and Zack! And Tom had to rub it in my face! Hey! I am NOT cooking these last few weeks of school! :) It's pizza, cereal, mac & cheese, or corn dogs baby!

So after church today Tom and Zack made french pancakes which is a tradition in the Cannon family. And then we just had fun taking pictures... and when I say "we", I really mean "me".

Zack took this one of me and the Kitchen Aid! I'm not going to say one word...

Zack LOVED this machine! Or maybe he was just excited about having pancakes (the food that sustains him!)

Summer and her mama

My young lady, Savannah

It's funny whenever Tom lays down on the couch it's like an invitation for all the kids to jump on him!

Fishing Day at Salem Pond

These last few weeks of school are killing me...aside the fact that I am a drama queen, have had a few panic attacks, and wonder if I can survive the last 9 days of school...I really do LOVE my class and the fabulous ladies I get to work with! It is just amazing to be with these perfect spirits all day. I sometimes like to think about what our reunion in Heaven will be like (I hope they all put a good word in for me!), and I get choked up thinking about hugging my kids and talking to them! So cool!

Every year this amazing man funds a fishing day for all the special needs kids in the area! It is a hectic day to say the least but so fun for the kids! Each child gets to catch a fish! They even feed everyone lunch. Here are some pics from last Tuesday...

the bus ride (60 minutes!)

One of my favorite guys, he was terrified of the fish!


Cosmo from BYU was there and also Smokey the bear!

The best of the best! Only the best people work in Special Ed! (Sally, Tammy, Amy, Pam, Abby, Lindsey, Diane)


Mother's Day Pix

Queen for a day...so I got a call from Albertsons that I should bring Zack and come to the store on Sat. 5/10 because they chose Zack's essay about why his mom should be queen for a day. They gave me a rose, had him read his essay to me, and took our picture. How "presh" is my little bud?! I love you Zack!

On Sunday the family gave me their presents...I absolutely love gifts that my kids make, look at how excited their faces are, I love it! Zack made me a magnet with his thumb print. Cute!

Sydney made me a book with all kinds of sweet words about her mama!

Summer gave me a picture and frame, decorated with fingerprints!

Savannah cross stitched for me!!

All my greatest blessings and treasures! The ones who made me a mom!

And my sweetheart, couldn't have done it without you! :) Thanks for taking a nice picture with me on Mother's Day...not sure if the sarcasm comes across...seriously though, thank you for the kitchen aid, I have wanted one for years! You're the besssssst!

Sydney was taking these pictures and I kept getting mad at Tom and had her take more. I had to explain to her that it wasn't her fault the pictures weren't great...it was daddy's! But that's just the way he rolls! The first picture is his "poop" grin! Nice!


Happy Mother's Day

To all the wonderful women in my life, hope you have a great day!

To my mom, Ellie Miller, you are the nicest, most selfless, peacemaker, loving person I know! Thanks for being my mom and the best nana!!! I have learned so much from you! I love you!

Savannah, "Nana, you are very, very, very, very sweet and I love you very much!"
Sydney, "Nana, you are very, very nice and I like you the way you are so please don't change."
Zackary, "I like you. You let me play with the guys (toys). "
Summer, "I like Nana, she lets me play in the backyard."

To my second mom, Joani Cannon, you are such an incredible person, thank you for treating and loving me like a daughter, you are the most creative, understanding, caring person I know! Thanks for being my mom and the best grandma!!! Thanks for all you have taught me! I love you!!

Savannah, "I love all the clothes you sew for me. You are the very best grandma in the whole wide world!"
Sydney, "Grandma, I love you. You are the best grandma ever and I like Bapa. I love all the things you sew for me like my baptism dress."
Zackary, "You are nice. I like when you read books to me and send us packages."
Summer, "I like to play with her."


In honor of 12 years

12 years of marriage, you're still the one!

1990 at Helaman Halls BYU, I am so glad I have this picture!

Jump forward 5 years after missions....dating Feb. 1995

Tom and I when I took him home to New Mexico for his birthday

Spring 1995 Taking my younger siblings to the zoo...I feel really old now! :)

This one just makes me giggle...

In NM again Summer 1995, Joani is so cute!

Dec. 1995 Sally, Tom, Becky, and ? Do you remember this Bec?! :)

Right after we got engaged Feb. 1996

One of our engagement shots that Mike took in Santa Fe...I LOVE New Mexico!

Wedding day St George Temple April 27, 1996. What a great day to start a forever family!

Fall 1997 Timp Cave (hard hike to do when you're pregnant!)

June 1998 Savannah 6 weeks old, Matt & Terri's Wedding

Nov. 1998 St. George, we LOVE to go there!

Oct. 1999 Sydney is here! Baby Blessing in NM

Dec. 1999, I had a hard time finding pictures of JUST Tom and I

April 2000 St George, Zion, like I said, we love it there!!

2000 New Mexico (I may have the year wrong on this one??)

Oct. 2001 Zack is here! Ward Halloween Party, Provo

Nov. 2001 Zackary baby blessing, Provo

Fall 2002 Provo Canyon

July 2003 Balloon Festival, Provo

Fall 2003 Provo Canyon

Spring 2004 Summer is here! Baby blessing, Provo

Summer 2004 Salt Lake City, Temple Square

Fall 2004 Santaquin Canyon

Dec. 2004 SLC Temple Square

Fall 2005 Cascade Springs

April 2006 St George, Zion National Park, we go there for many anniversaries!

2006 Savannah Baptism, Lehi

Summer 2007 Cannon Reunion Chama, New Mexico

Fall 2007 American Fork Canyon

And FINALLY 2008, this is SO Tom!

We've come a long way baby!


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