More GNO's

Two fabulous girls nights with my Eagle Valley "peeps". First one- 80's Night, it lives on! This was back in April, but I wanted to document it...

remember the candy!

the attire...side ponytails, leggings, poofy bangs, neon, pinned pant legs, leg warmers....

games- pin the glove on Michael. I remember when I loved him, and had a zipper jacket!

game- name the movie quote quiz

the beautiful host Kristi, and her daughter

game-name that 80's TV show

the group (all I had to dress up in was a pink velvet shirt and a side ponytail)

Amy & Katie

NOW for the May 9th, TWILIGHT party...

the front door

the lovely host Loretta, (I mean Jacob)

Katie (Rosalie)

Kristi (Alice)

Amy (James) and Katie (Rosalie)

the group

We played family feud- Cullens vs. Quileutes, good times!!

Thanks all you wonderful "valley girls" for some fun GNO's


Mother's Day

I love Mother's Day! I get emotional thinking about my kids and the chance to be a mother, and thinking about my own mother and mother-in-law, just fabulous women, and all my friends who inspire me to be a better mom! Happy Mother's Day to all the wonderful women in my life! I love you!

I had a great day! We all went to church, Tom made a yummy Sunday dinner and took care of the kids, I got to take a nap :), then the family gave me gifts that they had made. I love homemade gifts! It's fun to see the excitement in the kids eyes when I open it.

Here are my FOUR miracles that made me a mom...Savannah, Sydney, Zack, Summer

goof balls

Savannah and me, my first baby

Sydney and me, my angel baby

Zack and me, my sweet boy

Summer and me, my baby (always)

all my wonderful gifts! I am a lucky mommy!

and another homemade gift from my cute hubby! Look at his creative work! The picture! The frame! I love it! It says, "We love moo" in the heart. How cute!

and here it is hanging in my cow kitchen! yay!

Hope of America

This Awesome program has been going on for the past 14 or so years and this is the first time I have heard of it. 5th graders from the Utah Valley school districts get together at the Marriott Center at BYU to perform songs of freedom and patriotism! It is amazing! I went with
Savannah and it was so fun! We wore the blue t-shirts. Go to the link below to see clips of the songs...

doesn't it look totally cool?


Cheyenne and Savannah

Me and my girl

Here is my favorite song!


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