Spring Break and stuff

It was nice to have a week off of school. I had all these plans to do fun stuff with the kids...

and then I got sick.

TWIST! (another fun 30 Rock reference)

My body knew I had a week off and forced me to rest! I was in bed, literally, for 3 days. The kids had friends over and went to friends houses and I even took them swimming when I was still sick which was NOT my best idea ever. Good for the kids, not so much for me. By day 4 I HAD to get out of the house so my good friend Laura met me at Chuck-E-Cheese. We used to go there a lot to meet and let the kids run around...let's just say I haven't been there for years and my kids were not satisfied with JUST the play ground area or free rides...they wanted the tokens! The tokens that cost a butt-load of money, not to mention the cost of the pizzas!!! People, get a clue, this place is for real moms with children, NOT Orange County Housewives (whom do not actually count as housewives in my definition!!!)

I made a deal with the kids that we could get pizza and tokens if they each paid some from their allowances. Am I mean? It was $40!!! The kids had fun playing the games and earning tickets to get their 10 cent toys. I don't mean to bag on "The Cheese" but I think it's a tad pricey.

However, worth every penny to get out of the house and hang with my good friend Laura though! I love you girlfriend!

Zack and Summer

getting tickets





I also took the kids to see Hotel For Dogs at the dollar theater, so glad I only paid a dollar. It was a cute movie and the kids loved it. Savannah was in heaven, that girl could not love dogs enough!

Happy to report that we still own a dog. I should rephrase that...Everyone but Tom is happy. He's still hanging in there...

We also spent some time in the mountains which is always fun (until someone gets a marshmallow thrown point blank at her face and it leaves a mark...and then said someone, who may have a fiesty streak, retaliates...) Ah, good times.

We went with our friends, Ryan and Melissa. Here's Ryan chopping up all our wood.

Summer and Miranda (Summer picked out her socks...)

Savannah and her Buddy

these girls had more fun playing in our van

Abby (or as Tom likes to call her "Oobie") and Sydney

Ryan and Melissa

Abby and Sydney were marking rocks to show where they had been, so cute

the marked rock

hi Z


Savannah watching over Buddy

Poor puppy was cold and kept shaking

s'more time!

silly faces

Now jump forward a week and I was trying to plant some things my mom gave me from her garden. The kids ALL helped. We spent most of the time digging up the weeds...I hate weeds!

aren't they so precious?

a long root from a weed...nice!

Believe it or not this is the finished project. The kids planted everything. I just wanted to get all the plants and flowers in the ground so we'll see what happens and if they survive, in my clay-like, non-draining soil...I have a black thumb and no experience with gardens. It was a fun activity to do with my kids though.



Catch up...lots of catch up

"Fooled youuuuuu" ah, the fun of April Fool's day. Getting ready for a school day is hectic to say the least and so I'm trying to get everyone out the door and forgot to fill up my water bottle, run to the sink, put the water on full blast...and got soaked!!! Thanks to Tom taping down the sprayer. They all had a good laugh. What's even more funny is the fact that it was forgotten about and everyone got wet when they turned the water on when we got home later.

Now THAT"S funny!

Conference weekend was amazing. I always get a little sad when it's over. Such a spiritual feast, I love our church leaders! In between sessions we like to go in the mountains and can I ask again "Where in the world is spring?!"

We brought our puppy Buddy, shocker that he has survived this long with us...Tom goes back and forth wanting to get rid of him. I think it comes down to how much Savannah loves Buddy so Tom caves. He's a good puppy, his downfall is the fact that he IS a puppy. Tom is SO not a dog person! He is trying though.

The kids all adore Buddy and fight over who will hold him or take him for a walk.

He is so cute

Next activity is a Family Home Evening (FHE) that Savannah did. The lesson was based on a mormonad poster, it was darling. She gave the lesson then asked what each person was going to do based on what they learned in the lesson. SO CUTE!

for our activity we opened an easter package from Grandma and Bapa

they sent some candy and a cute craft!

Next is the Easter weekend. We do the "easter bunny" on Saturday so we can focus on Jesus on Sunday. Before we did the hunt Tom gave a lesson on the Savior and talked to the kids about the reason for Easter and what it means. It was uplifting. Summer doesn't quite get it yet because when Tom asked her what Easter means she said, "Jesus wants me to find some candy." We'll keep trying!!!! She is focusd on candy for sure!

Tradition is the easter bunny leaves his "droppings" all over our house, the kids gather it all up, we put it all together and then divide it up equally. It's fun, the kids love it and I think Tom loves it as much as the kids. We hid 6 plastic eggs for each kid and we hid them hard, like Savannah wanted. So hard that Tom and I couldn't even find where WE hid them! What's up with that?!

explaining the rules


Savannah needed help to find this one!

love the victory!

can I eat candy now?

dividing up

Last, crab walk to your bedroom and check your bed...

We gave the kids flower seeds in their baskets, great idea from Tom

the egg that I hid and forgot about....

As luck would have it I got sick on Sunday...we all went to Stake Conference and I had to leave. I think I had a type of flu, it was awful, I was in bed all day while Tom dyed eggs with the kids. I didn't get any cute easter pictures or even feel up to doing the girls' hair all cute, and I'm sad about that so I want a REDO.

the kids had fun with their dad

they told me later that Tom dyed the cat's tail!!!! Or at least tried to! "Thomas!" (That's what his name is when I get mad! )

and there he is, my silly man

Summer taking her job seriously

pretty eggs, they sparkle but you can't tell in this picture

Now for some funny faces....

We went to my parents' house for Sunday dinner and my sister Hannah did an Easter egg hunt for the kids, she's so cute with her neices and nephews!



Evie and Brooke

Landon (Hannah's friend) and Zack


Summer and Hannah


My cute parents and I love Tom in the background who looks like he just threw something at them. Nobody would be surprised if he actually did!

Joe and his friend Jessica

Hannah and my mom


Besides me being sick it was a great Easter weekend!


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