May 2010

I have some motivation to get caught up so I can post our San Diego trip, but I still need to sift through 2500 pictures! I didn't take that many but got everyone else's pictures too!

So May was a blur because I was working and it was THE hardest month of my life. Thank goodness for Mike and Joani for taking care of Zoey the first week I went back to work. They spoiled us by having dinner ready and the house in order every day when we got home.

here is Zack enjoying some grandma crafts

Sydney brought home her class hamster

Bapa with Zoey, he is a baby whisperer

Savannah's b-day gift

the kids had a piano recital on May 7th, Savannah

Zack gets SO nervous! His tummy hurt and he wanted to quit piano! But he did great!


I just LOVE baby toes!

and cute little hands

this is a dinner of all the leftovers from the week with Mike and Joani

Syd and Zack organizing our book nook

5/9- Mother's Day! Tom spoiled me! My 6 dreams come true

5/12- Savannah is TWELVE! My baby is a preteen!

we had dinner at her favorite place- Tepanyaki!

Zack was sick and went to sleep in the van

I love that you can see Savannah clapping on the side

because it is her golden b-day (12 on the 12th) we ordered some balloons and a stuffed dog to be delivered to her school. She loved it!

5/15- Syd went on a date with Tom canoeing!

Zoey on a Sunday morning

Graduation party for Emma, she finished 4 yrs of medical school! We're so proud of Emma!

more celebrating Savannah's b-day

Hannah & Zoey

5/29 We took Savannah to the Oquirrh Temple. It was her first time and it was a very special day. She was so excited and so sweet. Such an amazing day!

5/30- American Fork Canyon, cheese & crackers

Summer is such a goof

Zack and his "double mac"

baby blue eyes

5/31- canyon again with friends, we got into a private camp ground, it was awesome

6/1- it was pouring outside and the kids all got on the trampoline

getting caught up on laundry before our trip to San Diego

where's baby? :)

OK, now I can get the San Diego post ready!


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