Halloween and other fun things

my cute, cute class and peer tutors

my kids went to visit Nana at her work and do some trick or treating!

the kids' school did a carnival on Halloween and I took Sydney, Zack, and Summer. We only got to stay for a little while because a big storm rolled in!

Summer doing mini-golf

Sydney in the mini Ferris wheel

Zack and his friend Sael

that night I took the kids up to Herriman to go trick or treating with Atlie & Macie. It was FREEZING and raining! But look at how cute Zoey is in her hat! I can't get enough of those chubby cheeks!

the kids all excited to get free candy

Zack's REAL "candy land" haha

I don't take enough pictures of this baby...can you feel the sarcasm?

her giggle is infectious

she's a sucker (loves to suck on everything and anything)

she's so fun

seriously cute!

carving pumpkins...

Tom always has to do something crazy

and Sydney takes after him...

believe it or not that is Zack's armadillo...

Joe came down with my parents to join in on the fun

the finished art


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