More Christmas...

I know I like to post LOTS of pictures! It's hard to choose!

Bodhi says goodnight

my sisters are amazed at the smooth/soft head...love Tom's look!

Santa has come...

stockings on the end of the bed, so fun! Savannah-





Christmas Eve- Night @ Millers

In true Cannon tradition, we did a pinata Christmas Eve. It was really hard to find a Christmas pinata so Tom made one, really easy, just wrapped a box with festive paper and perfect!

Bodhi was the first to try

then Summer

look at Sahalie using all her strength! I think she wants some candy!

Zack hit hard

Sydney made a good effort

the tension is building...can you feel the excitement?

the kids had 2 tries each so it was time for some adults...go Hannah!

Savannah tried again too

Dan blasts it and... nothing

Joe gets it a little bit open

but Tom is the one who breaks it

Bodhi screamed, "There's candy falling out!" It was too cute!

Ali and Dan are VERY health conscious and don't let their kids have much sugar so I love this picture!

Such a fun Christmas Eve! All our ears were ringing from the kids screaming with excitement!

Christmas Eve-Night

We have a tradition of letting the kids open a gift Christmas Eve, usually I have made pajamas for them but this year I didn't have it in me so I just bought some! I made them ugly dolls though so I don't feel too guilty.

Anxiously waiting

Tom said,"When I get to zero you can open your gift." Then he kept tricking them...

Christmas Eve-morning

Of course what do we do?...Mountains! Ali and Dan came with us. It was AWESOME!

The kids ran ahead of us

Zack didn't want to get out of the van. He said the snow pants made him look fat. WHAT?!

Sahalie or "Lay-Lee" as Bodhi calls her

Dan and Tom carrying the fire pit we brought with us

Trying to slide down the hill without sleds

the fire was great

we had a great spot to slide

Cute Ali, Bodhi, and Dan

After 2 hours the kids started to get cold

Bodhi loved the candy canes

Bodhi loved hot chocolate too!

Yummy things

12/23- Up to my mom's again to do sugar cookies and see Ali & Dan and their cute kids, Sahalie and Bodhi.

Sahalie, Evie, and Bodhi watching Polar Express, I just love their faces!

Joe and Bodhi

Ah, love, "All you need is love!" my cute parents

Ali and Sally

Zack and his sprinkles cookie

Savannah and her gummy bear tree

Nick... I think the girls are afraid of you...

Um, Sydney, do you think you have enough gummy bears?


We also made a gingerbread house

Pretty AND yummy!


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