June 2011

Zoey loves to sit in drawers

My good friends from back in the day at BYU

Watching a parade, Savannah is in the Lehi Marching Band

Mary's baby shower, her friends decorated SO beautifully and had gift bags for all the adults and kids!

Oh my gosh I couldn't love this baby any more than I do, I could burst!

Tom teasing the girls, I forgot what he was doing but he always is a tease and makes everyone laugh

Chris, Landon, Mary

Nana and Audrey

My Sydney loves to collect snails in my parents yard...this is a snail funeral

 The snail funeral video

Haha, this is Zack fallen asleep on his floor blocking the doorway so Zoey won't get in a wreck all his legos!
Tom starts the bathroom project...
I took Summer to the Princess Festival at Thanksgiving Point with one of her friends

It was so fun to spend a few hours with Summer

Another cheeky baby face

Sydney plays with her 2nd cousins at Uncle Dave's

Father's Day

Savannah in her Marching Band uniform

At another parade watching Savannah

I don't know how she walked all those miles in 100 degree weather in a black polyester uniform!

Another parade  :)  also 100 degrees

Everyone in the bath with Zoey- we're so weird, I know.

Picnic up Provo Canyon

Lunch with my friend Stori
Savannah went to her 2nd yr at YW Camp...without me.  :( 


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