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GIRL! Tom and I saw our baby today! We took all the kids and we were all anxious to see. Zack was about to cry when the radiologist said the baby was a girl. That made me sad. The other girls were excited but kept saying, "Are you sure?", "We thought it was going to be a boy?", "What about Joshua?"...

I am very happy that my baby is healthy and the ultrasound was super cute! But I am a little confused thinking this may be my last chance at a baby and it is not Joshua. I dreamt about Joshua years ago and always knew I was supposed to have another baby, a boy. So now what I am supposed to do? There is no way Tom will agree to another baby AND I am not sure I could do this pregnancy thing again. I guess I just have to trust that things will just work out.

I am not disappointed to have another girl, I love my cute, sweet, beautiful girls! And I can't wait to hold and kiss my new baby girl! How can I do another 19 weeks? *sigh*



I love the fall and Halloween! It's always full of fun activities. Instead of doing 5 different posts I lumped them all together. Yay for October!

We went to the Red Barn in Santaquin to get our pumpkins, it was a perfect day.

Sydney and Savannah

little Summer

Sydney smiling into the sun



Zack giving me evil eye because I made him put on a jacket, the nerve of me

but he cheered up


the hay ride

the costumes- Zack, Savannah, Sydney, Summer

I couldn't figure out what this picture was...Savannah took it of the bath after washing the black dye out of her hair


so much fun on the bounce pillow

THIS is my favorite picture! Tom was having more fun than the kids!

we got lost in the maze, even WITH the clues!

the corn pit

Sydney totally buried

Caramel Apples- with Hannah and Landon

SUGAR COOKIES- with Becky and James

oh I soooo caught Sam licking the knife! :)

Sydney what face are you making????

Tom made ALL the cookies AND the frosting...he's getting good with the kitchen aid!

Summer's cookies

Zack's cookies


I love Sam's cookie full of candy corn

Decorating outside



Savannah, Sydney, Zack, and Summer's pumpkins

The ladies who work with me in my classroom-

Halloween night-we all had fun going around our neighborhood. I was trying to get some exercise but I was eating candy the whole time so it didn't count, right?

And lastly a cute video of my two youngest kiddos dancing to a 'They Might Be Giants' song


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