Sydney's Birthday Celebrations

Sydney is Eight!!! Pics of her poster, presents, Baptism Dress made by her talented Grandma, and b-day date with mom and dad!


Life in the Fast lane...

So I haven't done anything with my blog for a few weeks...um, since school started!!! I have been working 65 hrs/week (at least) to cover 2 special ed classes and I am starting to go crazy. I have a great, cute class but the school couldn't find a teacher for the other class so I am doing both. Do I get paid double? NOOOOO! I have seriously been contemplating working at Target or something...OR selling our house and renting a 1 bedroom apt. somewhere! Life sure is interesting! I love my special ed kids though!! It's like being around angels most of the day...only MOST of the day because sometimes these angels can be tough. Besides teaching I guess I have also been sleeping (a little), breathing, drinking (Monster Energy Drinks!), and ocassionally kissing my kids and Hubby goodnight. I need to post some pictures of Sydney's birthday and the kids starting school. I am so happy to see 3 of my kids during the day at school. I love that part!! They always run up to me and hug me whenever they see me! I love it! And I get to know their teachers too, which is nice! The other day Zack got in trouble at school and his teacher talked to me about it when I saw her at lunch. SO when I asked Zack about what happened later he told me what he had done, which was NOT the thing the teacher told me about...he said "I was making farting noises when the teacher was talking." I had to laugh and so did his teacher when I told her what happened! Anyway, I have to try to get some sleep tonight, this is one of the only nights I have not gone back to my school and stayed until midnight!


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