Zack is EIGHT!

My baby boy is eight! He is looking so grown up to me! He loves sharks right now so we did his poster and cake with sharks. He was so excited!

Zack's Favorites;
food- waffles and pancakes
movie- Transformers
tv show- flapjack
toy- bionicles, lego sets, sharks
activity- buiding things
color- orange
place- home
game- wii sports
subject- art
candy- lolipops

What do you want to be when you grow up?
"I want to be a guy who records sharks under water in a cage."
"A dad."

Zack and his poster

Zack and all the loot

He loved his cake! He called it the death cake!

quilt from grandma!

He absolutely loves it!


Syd likes all the baby ones


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