The GOOD parts of December! :)

This was a different December for the Cannon family, a hard month, so I am glad we were busy doing fun things! We had good to cancel out the bad! :)

Of course there's my adorable pure joy Zoey. She LOVES this blanket with the satin trim, she sleeps with it, she cuddles it, I better go buy another one because if we lose this one we're in trouble! She has two cute bottom teeth, she eats some solid food without her tummy hurting, she points with her fist by lifting up her arm like a salute, she sings and makes cute noises all the time, she scrunches up her face when she's really happy, she claps, pulls herself up, wants to walk before she crawls, and when I take naps with her she holds my face...I LOVE this baby!

I love her cheeks, that's a yogurt puff on one...

Ummm, I let Sydney feed her...

Festival of Trees
We go every year. It was a good distraction for me. My mom, Hannah, and Landon came with us.

I want to make this advent quilt! It's SO gorgeous!

Summer, Sydney, Zack with the Cookie Monster tree

my two babies

my mama and Savannah

Zoey and Hannah

Savannah and me enjoying the YUMMIEST scones EVER

my "twins"

Zack and the Maui Christmas tree, so cool

my favorite wreath and garland, a nativity scene from Italy, only $2500...sigh

fun dollhouse with all homemade curtains, pillows, quilts

I love the gingerbread houses

WOW, candy land!

Christmas Craft Time with Daddy
every Sunday Tom would do a craft with the kids (while Zoey and I slept). I let them use my scrapbook stuff since it has been sitting around not being used for years. I'm glad they had so much fun with it.

they made Christmas paper balls

half of the ball for a cute hat. Tom hung them above our table when they were done. I'm sad I didn't get a picture.

He also made 3-D Christmas box scenes. They turned out SO cute! I was in the hospital when they finished so the kids brought them to me. They were adorable!

Savannah had her first band concert. She is getting so good at the flute and it's only been a few months.

Zoey loves to empty the diaper bag

love that smile

Macie and Atlie's dance recital

I had so many sweet visitors at the hospital, family and friends helping with meals and the kids, it's nice to be taken care of!
Some of the flowers I got

Fun With Cousins
Nick & Brooke, Jerry & Autumn came for Christmas! Emma came a few days after. We missed Ali & Dan!

Layla and Zoey

Eowyn and sugar cookies

I love doing sugar cookies, but this year I couldn't eat any. :(

Christmas package from Grandma & Bapa! Thanks so much! The kids loved all the crafts and treats!

more sugar cookies

games at my parents house

Autumn and Layla

Zack and Michael

Jerry, Layla, Audrey, and Brooke. (The three baby cousins are all 2 months apart. Zoey 9 months, Layla 7 months, Audrey 5 months.)

Christmas Eve
Savannah got her patriarchal blessing on the 22nd, it was a very sweet experience. She was so excited and had prepared for it well. We fasted with her on that special day. She is so grown up. She is the sweetest young lady! She gave the patriarch (Brother Felt) a hug. That's so Savannah, she loves to hug everyone. We didn't know when she would get the typed up blessing, because the Felts were going to Italy for Christmas, but we got a call from him on Christmas Eve morning that it was done! Savannah called it a Christmas miracle. I drove her to pick it up, and being the smart person I am I went in my pajamas and no shoes, because it was just around the corner and I wasn't getting out of the car...until I was invited in by Sister Felt...oh I. was. mortified. But we had a sweet visit with them. Savannah was so happy, she gave them both a hug.

It is quite the experience hearing someone bless your child. Emotional. Spiritual. Unforgettable.

Tom made a delicious brunch with Christmas shaped pancakes, bacon, sausage, eggs, fruit and orange julius.

Tom and I did A LOT of "Santa's Elves" chores in the afternoon and didn't finish so Tom stayed home while I took the kids up to my dad's Bell Choir Christmas Eve performance up by the Capital building. I was a little emotional listening and singing the carols.
Hannah and Savannah

my cute parents

we went to Temple Square after but it was freezing and crowded so it was a quick trip.

it's so pretty with all the lights

On the way home I looked for something we could eat for dinner. Everything was closed of course! Until I saw an Open sign in a Chinese Food restaurant! I think that is a new tradition for us, Christmas Eve Chinese food! Yum Yum. No cooking, no cleaning. I like it.

the kids made their signs for Santa


Savannah made Zoey's


I like Sydney's details



all the stockings before we put them on the end of the kids' beds

Zoey's first Christmas. Thanks for the stocking grandma!

I love all the Christmas cards

Christmas Eve presents

new pajamas, yay!

Christmas Morning
the kids had been up since 6:00 or earlier, but they had their stockings to occupy them, Tom had a sign on our door that read, "Dearest Babies, please do not wake us up before 8:00 or you will be destroyed. Merry Christmas" That made me laugh.

my favorite part is seeing their faces

love this picture!

finally we own a sled!

Zoey loved the paper and tags most.

we went up to my parents' house for brunch

my parents do a fun breakfast with British Christmas "crackers"

you have to wear the crown

love those eyes, Audrey!

skyping with Emma

trying to keep Zoey from putting everything in her mouth was hard!

we need a bigger living room

Sunday half of us were sick, Tom took Zack and Zoey to the instacare- double ear infections and RSV. Nice. No sleep for anyone.

12/27- Monday we went up American Fork Canyon for sledding and hot chocolate. It was short but sweet.

Zoey was in the car most of the time

12/28-Tuesday, the cousins got their ears pierced.
Zack was a trooper waiting around for 2 hrs.

Summer went first, she was brave but nervous.

she has been begging for months to get her ears pierced.

she loves them

Saylor went next.

Atlie needed some convincing

Sydney was the most nervous. This is a re-pierce for her.

great action shot

not so bad

there's the smile

Macie wanted some too

We spent a lot of time at my parents house with everybody.
All the cousins (except for Sahalie & Bodhi)

Overall a great Christmas!


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