"I throw my hands up in the air sometimes Saying ay-oh, gotta let go. I wanna celebrate and live my life Saying ay-oh, baby let's go."

Those lyrics get STUCK in my head because my kids sing them all the time AND my school blasts it during passing time, but it is a fun song to dance to. :) And so I put it on a playlist and made you listen to it as you read my blog.

I do feel like DYNAMITE though! :)
Know why?
Because my sweet baby got tubes in her ears and is finally sleeping more than 2 hrs at a time! No joke I have been getting 3, 4, 5 hrs of INTERRUPTED sleep each night since October! And going to work, and barely surviving, not remembering appointments, realizing a few days had gone by and I didn't have any meaningful conversations with my kids and hubby... I was a zombie, walking dead, a wreck, never did my hair (it was always in a pony tail), I didn't do my kids hair, every little thing overwhelmed me, I had no energy to do anything, not even to laugh and I LOVE laughing.

I feel alive again! It's amazing what some sleep can do and it hasn't even been a week! Bye bye Zombie Sally.

So with my renewed energy I am updating my blog. I can't believe I managed to take pictures.
Wait, yes I can. I love pictures. I can't believe there was anything happening to take pictures OF.

Lots of catching up.

News Years Eve. We usually go to a hotel for the night with the kids and swim and play games. Instead we stayed home and played games like "Would You Rather", watched the ball drop on the COMPUTER (because we don't have TV anymore) and the kids slept in a tent in the living room. It was a fun night, I think, I don't remember much about the past 4 months. I'm just going off the pictures.

my cute boy Zack

my kids anticipation of the ball dropping, poor Summer was SO tired!

the tent

FREEZER MEALS- January- I'm addicted to freezer meals! It's quite the production to make 3 recipes X 8, but worth it to get 24 different meals.

Here is my homemade mashed potatoes for Shepherds Pie, yummy eh?

assembly line of food...I need bigger pots, like industrial pots, oh and a restaurant stove!

My birthday was in there sometime...

You can't really see but the candles melted WAY fast! Not because there were tons of them I'm sure!

my sweet sweet family (I still feel like someone is missing, my grief still comes in waves)

Tom knew what would help with my freezer meals...an electric can opener! Yes! :)

I love this baby and she loves paper and crinkley things

this face kept me going through the sleepless nights

my buddy

she absolutely loved the balloon

she wants to walk so badly

one of my favorite things to see

"What mom?"

Tom has been secretly saving to make me a picture wall and get some seating in our living room, for my birthday, what a surprise! I LOVE it!

A poster that was on my door at school! I look like the Joker!

Savannah and her best friend Brianna

we moved our piano

and moved things around in the living room. I still need to get pictures in the frames!

Zoey wants to play too

Bapa came to visit and did a magic show! It was AMAZING!

I love the kids reactions!

We tried several times to get a good picture of Bapa sitting with his girls


enjoying root beer floats while Bapa reads The Hobbit. Bapa you are a GREAT story teller!

Oh yeah, my co-worker Megan moved in with us Jan 1st! Isn't she a cutie!? I love her! Tom gets jealous! :) Everyone tells her she looks like Courtney Cox or Meagan Fox. Yeah, I can see why! She helps me make dinner and helps with the kids, it's like having a nanny, I may NEVER let her go!

Megan's room (aka my craft room/old preschool room)

I love the foamy top of root beer floats

Zoey puts everything in her mouth, she is the scariest baby I have had! We have taken so many crazy things out of her mouth (ear plug, silly band, ball, screw, dry wall, glass, an excedrin, wrappers of all kinds, rocks, string, erasers, shrinky dinks, beads) yeah, and we don't take our eyes off her, EVER, and she STILL finds stuff!

she loves to pull hair

She knows the good stuff! (don't worry she's not really drinking it, it's not open, I'm not that bad of a mom!) Tom calls this "devils brew" but I call it deliciousness!

Freezer Meals- February
so so so much food!

2/10- Zoey gets tubes- A New life begins for mom and dad!

Summer loves her baby sister! She watches Baby Einstein with her!

My pretty girls in dresses they got from Grandma! Thanks Grandma!

Zoey reminds me of a porcelain doll!

I did all the girls hair in these hearts for Valentines Day. I should've taken the picture before they were at school all day!

We had to give our supersaucer back to the rightful owner so I got this one on sale and with a gift card. Zoey loves it!

bounce away

walking all over

Valentine's Day
Tom came and stole me away for a Valentine lunch. I had to go to another Jr. High and he hid in the back of my car and SCARED me! But it was totally fun to go to lunch and have a mini date! Love ya babe!

Zack's cute animal stickers

We made a fun dinner for the kids.

I love these little ones!

Holy Moly! After reading this post I feel like I have ADD! Wow!


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