My Brother is so sweet!

The following is an email my little brother sent out and I just wanted to post it on my blog until I convince him to start his own!!!


I apologize for another mass email, but I could not
resist. Most of you know that this weekend is when
the Church holds General Conference. I must admit
that it wasn't too long ago when Conference was not
necessarily my favorite thing to listen to. I enjoyed
the talks from my "favorite" speakers, but I tuned out
when someone who I didn't think was a very good
speaker was up there, or if I didn't think the topic
pertained to me.

Since I began trying to listen to the Lord's voice in
each Conference talk, Conference weekend has truly
been a feast, rather than a snack. My soul was filled
yesterday as I listened to each talk. I know those
who speak are men and women called of God.

Whether you believe that or not. Please take some
time to listen to the last session of Conference. If
you don't live where you can watch it on T.V., or if
you received this too late, you can go to lds.org and
find a link to either watch live or find out when you
can listen to archived talks.

No matter who you are, we all need to be uplifted, we
all want to hear something inspiring and good. I can
promise you that you will be uplifted, inspired,
refreshed, and just plain feel good. That is why I
want you to listen, not so you will believe as I do,
but so that you can have this joy that I do when I
listen to General Conference. Please, even if it is
only one talk. Just open your heart and listen - you
will feel something good.

As the time adds up that we are away from you, our
love for each of you grows. It may not seem sincere
to send a mass email - but it was the only way I could
reach you all in a short time. I would always love to
hear from you individually or even better talk to you
on the phone. Even still, I hope you know and feel
that I love you because I do.



I love being a mom!

Today I am home, instead of teaching my special ed class, because my Sydney was sick last night...every 15 minutes for 4 hours!!!! But I am so happy to be home any chance I get! And since my school is far away and I bring my kids there with me...we are ALL home today. When one stays home, we all stay home. I love it! I was just peeling potatoes and carrots for a stew tonight and pondering how much I love being a mom and a homemaker, and how much I miss it. I feel like it is such a privilege and what I was born to do. That may sound cheezy, but those who know me well know I'm a cheeseball! I have been working full-time for almost a year now and it is definately the hardest thing I have EVER had to do. Its ironic because I used to complain about how hard it was to be a mom and wrestle kids and mess all day, and now that's all I want. And that doesn't mean that it's not hard to be a stay at home mom, because I KNOW it is. What I'm saying is that you really appreciate something after it's gone OR no longer an option. There was a quote in this last church conference by Elder Oaks, "What your children really want for dinner...is you!" I love that. Kids grow up so fast and it kills me that I am missing these young years. One positive thing about me working is that I really appreciate the time I do have with my family. Time is precious. I'm going to talk to some food about this...specifically a bowl of ice-cream and some chocolate!!!!



In between conference sessions we went up American Fork canyon to collect leaves, it was beautiful!


More from Sydney's Baptism

Sydney's Baptism

One thing that Tom said after he baptized Sydney was that mothers get to bring the child into the world (born physically) and the dads get to perform a saving ordinance (born spiritually). I have never thought of it that way before. What a special experience!

Sydney's "Late Night" Birthday Party

I had a late night birthday party for Sydney and there were 25 kids who came and just me (until 8:15 when my good friend Traci came!) I gave Tom permission to leave the house (because he CANNOT deal with chaos!) It was a fun night for Sydney!


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