More Summer Fun

We were busy this summer! It went too fast for me.

The Classic Family Fun Center was incredible! The kids never wanted to leave.





they all loved the slides

Summer went down with Savannah

The Herriman Beach provided much entertainment



Savannah and her best friend Briana

Sydney and her best friend Sydney


The Markhams, we always love to spend time with them. We were lucky to see Jeff and his family and my blogging buddy Corinne!

it was the night of Zack's birthday and we gave him the choice to go there or have his party and well...

Sydney loves Ella

the boys

Summer and Kate

Me and Corinne

Jerry and Autumn came to Utah!

Autumn brought crafts for the kids

we had a BBQ at my house...don't be jealous of my weeds!

Dad, Jon, Landon, Tim

Hannah, mom, Eowyn

cute cousins

the whole group

Zack got a bike from nana and pops!!!!

Autumn's family invited us to a party at their house


Macie and Summer



Autumn's mom went down the slide, what a trooper!

Mikey, Zack, Saylor

Angie, Tim, Autumn, Eowyn

Let the posting begin!

Wow, this has got to be a new record for me...2 posts in 2 months. Pathetic! I have good excuses, you could call me the QUEEN of excuses. For example,

a new school year starting,
being pregnant (sick and tired),
having a SEVERE sinus infection for 6 weeks,
3 kids on 3 different soccer teams (I swear I will NOT do this next year!)

just to name a few, but I am done with excuses

so here I go, trying to catch up from the summertime

We went on a fun outing to Temple Square and church history museum. Tom had each kid pick a postcard from the museum gift shop and try to find it in the museum. Then we let them use some allowance money to get something small from the gift shop. What was totally adorable was Savannah used her money to buy me a CTR necklace that I said was cute! She surprised me with it later, she is such a thoughtful child!

Zack with Captain Moroni

the place where Grandma and Bapa got engaged

a tiny hurt baby bird, that made us all sad

the rod of iron at the museum


We ♥ Sydney

Sydney is 10! My beautiful brown eyed, olive skinned girl is ten! We all love her spirit (wild and sweet).

All about "Sydney Apple Bubble"

food- tuna
dessert- strawberry shortcake
restaurant- Mimi's Cafe
movie- Ponyo
tv show- Flapjack
activity- write in my journal and draw and spend time with my family
color- blue
sport- swimming
subject- math
toy- everything I have
animal- elephant

What don't you like? fighting and violence in movies (as long as it's not at home!)
Where do you want to go to college? BYU (good answer)
What do you want to be when you grow up? a teacher
Where do you want to get married? The Draper Temple
Do you want to have kids? Yeah, two. Lily and Miley
What are you good at? Art

We love you Sydney! We are so lucky to have you in our family! Thanks for you good example and fun personality! Thanks for making us laugh! Happy Birthday sweet girl!


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