The goings on...

I'm still on bed rest. It's harder than I thought. I've been to the hospital 2 more times to monitor my blood pressure and do tests. I'm very grateful every day that me and the baby are doing well, I REALLY hope to last 2-3 more weeks!

Grandma came up last Tuesday 2/16 and was a life saver! She cooked, shopped, did laundry, entertained the kids with books and crafts, taught them how to help with laundry, switched the kids to their neighborhood school, registered Savannah for Middle School, helped with school projects, mended clothes, and made sure I stayed down! It was SO nice to have her! She went home today for a week or two OR until the baby comes. We will all miss her!

the kids went swimming with Tim and Angie and had a blast

Summer's school papers for ONE WEEK! I get overwhelmed with papers

grandma helps Savannah make 14th century gingerbread for her Renaissance fair at school

grandma stayed with her during the fair. Tom made her cute poster.

Savannah and her good friend Kara

the kids reading with grandma

learning laundry

Summer makes cinnamon rolls

we made 3 large pans and they were all gone within 2 days

Zack's blue and gold scout dinner

It's definitely been interesting around here!


My Life in pictures

Since I am taking a picture a day I have a lot of random pics. And now that I have TONS of time I will have more to say about my pics. :)

family juggling during family home evening

much fun and laughter with a simple game

My baby girl will turn 12 this year so we got to go to the Young Women Program at church and learn about what she will get to do. She was so cute and so excited! I am happy I will be at camp with her this summer. Even though I can't believe she will be 12...

I love to lay down with the kids at night and talk. It's one of my favorite things. The problem is I usually fall asleep!

My kids LOVE to read. Many times at night we will think they're sleeping and go check on them only to find them reading with a flashlight.

Tom is playing his guitar more, it's fun to hear

We go to my parents a lot on Sundays, for dinner, they are so cute

I had parent-teacher nights a few weeks ago and the kids were alone for an hour when Tom had a meeting. So when I got home they were all playing happily in Zack's closet helping him decorate his Valentine's box. I thought "oh how sweet". Then Sydney showed me what she drew on the back of the box...a butt. I was mad. I like when the kids are playing nicely but I don't like when they get silly and start with the "potty humor". Summer told me later that Sydney was singing, "I like big butts and I cannot lie" and smacking the butt on the box...oh.my.goodness. Where did this child come from??? Oh yeah, her dad!

A fun night at the Nielsens, how to host an Oriental murder. Good food, good laughs

"General Shang" my partner in crime

And the beginning of my bed rest. It started with some bleeding and contractions, scared me to death, all I could think of was my placenta was tearing and my baby was dying. Tom gave me a nice blessing and calmed me down. At the hospital things looked good, baby was fine. Feeling very grateful that they didn't have to take the baby. But I got put on bed rest. I shouldn't have joked about wanted to be home and sleep all day...the grass is always greener...I am sick of staying down, sick of TV, I want to clean, and cook, and be productive!

and never having done bed rest before I foolishly thought I could clean my kitchen...after 20 minutes I felt sick, dizzy, nauseous, and couldn't breathe. I took my blood pressure and it was 143/93, which is super high for me! So it scared me. The next day my blood pressure was still high and I called the doctor. He wanted me to go into the hospital again to be monitored. Luckily everything turned out ok, even though the nurse couldn't find the baby's heartbeat for over 30 minutes, the baby kept moving, she said I had a wild baby...wow! Like I haven't heard that before about my other kids! HAHA. So I'm still resting and taking my blood pressure a few times a day

while I am forced to be down I can study for my teacher test I have to take in March to upgrade my license! It's totally stressing me out and could be the cause of my high blood pressure

here is a lovely picture of my swollen feet...

my nightstand full of books

my life, my couch, my stomach, terrible pic...argh...

Summer and Macie playing at my parents house

Atlie, Savannah, Sydney, and Zack playing

Valentine package from Grandma and Bapa- the kids are always excited to get their packages

Zack wanted to enter the science fair. I predict he will do something with science when he is older. He won 2nd place! Good job Zack!

Tom did a Dinosaur Bingo with the kids, he took some great pics

My sweet girls

decorating the valentine table

Tom cut stamps out of potatoes

Tom made heart shape pancakes

and each of the kids got treats

Tom has been doing everything and it's hard for me to just sit back and watch, helpless. Cleaning, laundry, taking care of the kids...But we have been blessed to have such great meals this week from our ward so he hasn't had to worry about that. Hopefully only one more week of bed rest but we will have to see...


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