Zoey loves to be on her back and grab her feet. She's rolling ALL over the place. Tom had her on the bed and went out to grab a diaper...as he was walking back in the room she was rolling off the bed and he dove forward and caught her. I was in the kitchen with the kids and heard the big bang. I said, "If he let her roll of the bed he's in BIG trouble!" All the kids ran upstairs to see. Luckily Tom caught her but she was scared and crying. (And he's glad he's not in trouble)



I don't know what setting my camera was on, I hate that it's blurry

watching the ducks

the kids love to climb and explore

Doing a puzzle for FHE

GRANDMA & BAPA came to town during Fall break. We had so much fun!


LOVE this one of Bapa jumping with the kids!!!

cute couple!

The Zoo

Zack's been begging for a snake!

cluster of fruit bats

Zoey loves to eat people's chins! And pull hair...

Poor Mo looks like he's going to fall

yummy ice-cream (nice Syd)

Cannon Bingo


a few days later we got a Halloween package from Grandma & Bapa, SO FUN!

I made 9 meals for a freezer meal exchange...it took me 5 1/2 hours! But it was worth it! I now have 9 different freezer meals!

a friend gave me some peppers from her garden and Sydney decided to play with them

my sister Emma surprised everyone by coming into town for a weekend! It was so awesome to see my Dr. sister!!! (I never get tired of Zoey's "deer in the headlights" look!!!)

Sugar Cookies with Tim & Angie

isn't Atlie so cute?!

Sydney's elephant cookie

Tom's cookies

Zack made a brain head, I love his creative mind

We grew pumpkins this year! Time for harvest!

Cute Macie

Look at all those pumpkins! And of course the cute kids!

Crazy Hair Day

Sydney put candies on a bucket. It was a good idea until some kid on the bus decided to take the candy...the kid has a crush on Sydney but she was not happy! :)

Zack's crazy hair

apparently this wasn't crazy enough for Summer so after I left Sydney put 20 clips and flowers in her hair, wish I had a picture

the kids always fight over who can take a bath with Zoey, she IS super cute in the bath

my baby cow, I LOVE MOO SO MUCH!

More pics of Halloween costumes later!


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