September Recap

*Savannah gets something I said I would NEVER get her * Sydney turns 11 * Real Salt Lake Game * Soccer * Summer Hair Fiasco * Soccer * Sleepovers * Zoey is 6 months * The Cannon Oubliette * School Pictures * Soccer*

(maybe I'll do more than one post a month, but don't hold your breath!)

We got Savannah a phone! The only reason we caved is because I'm still at work when she gets home. She is THRILLED! She pays for it through her allowance and I have all the parental filters set up. I must admit it's fun texting with her.

Our second child turned ELEVEN! Sydney is such a fun, spunky girl! She's super sensitive, very creative, and so good with Zoey. Happy Birthday Syd Syd!

Me and my little girl

we had KFC for dinner

I love Zoey's surprised look when the camera flash goes off in her face!

Sydney loves her cat poster

we found this at Costco, it's 50 puzzle erasers, she loves them


all she wanted for her birthday was Calico Critters, they're animal families and house set

we didn't have candles so... yep sparklers!

Syd was afraid her cake would burn

Zack loved it (and there's Zoey's surprised look again)

Calico Critters and house

Aren't they cute? It's SO Sydney

playing with the erasers

Real Salt Lake game

How I survive living on 4 hours of sleep...

Summer taking a break from soccer

One night I was doing Summer's hair and noticed she had bangs! She doesn't have bangs! And they were about an inch long! Then I noticed there were other chunks cut out of her pretty LONG hair! :( Every girl has to do it but I really didn't expect Summer to. She wanted to look like her best friend (who has bangs). So I took her to my friend Gina to see if she could do anything to fix it. We had to cut off a ton, enough to donate to Locks of Love. Her bangs were harder to fix, so we just cut some more to try and cover the really short ones. I was pretty sad. But she does look cute with short hair! I think it makes her look older.

The long ponytail! Sniff!

I'm starting to get used to her short hair.

Celebrating Sydney's birthday at Nana & Pops house

Before school pictures I let Savannah and Sydney get highlights in their hair. They traded for babysitting. They look so cute!

more soccer

Summer in the pink leggings

Another milestone...we said we would never do sleepovers. Savannah has had the opportunity to sleep at a friends' house with several girls (they stay up all night watching movies and doing blind make-overs) so we thought that would be ok. We also decided kids can sleep at our house. Sydney had 2 friends over and they had so much fun! Sydney was such a good little hostess, making sure everyone was having fun and comfortable. She cleaned up everything the next day (partly because we said we wouldn't do it again if there was a big mess) She was very responsible. I'm still undecided about sleepovers, if I want to veto any form of it, what do you think about it?

Cambrie, Sydney, Eliza


I love this cute little nugget SO much! She melts my heart! She is such a blessing and brings such a sweet spirit to our home. We love you Zoe-Zoe!!!!!

(da da daaaaa...) The Oubliette "The forgotten place"

Tom had this great idea to make an "oubliette". A place where he collects things that the kids have left out. They have to earn back their stuff, either by buying it back or doing chores. And they can't just leave it in there because it will end up at DI. They each have a box in our closet. I love the ideas he comes up with. The other brilliant idea he had was to have the kids wash baseboards and floors when they fight. LOVE IT!!!!!

Summer kicking the ball in

Me and Zoey watching (boy do I look tired!!!!)

SCHOOL PICTURES...you either love them or hate them...

(I might be doing some re-takes)

Savannah my 7th grader

Sydney my 5th grader

Zack my 4th grader

Summer my 1st grader

I have never been so happy to have soccer over!

thank goodness!

I don't have any pictures of Sydney or Zack's games. :(


Heather Marie said...

I just love all of your birthday traditions! TOO fun! The pictures of Zoe are adorable!

as for the sleep over issue...it was actually addressed in this Oct Conference...Here is the quote from Elder Lawrence's talk:

"May I express my personal warning about a practice that is common in many cultures. I am referring to sleepovers, or spending the night at the home of a friend. As a bishop I discovered that too many youth violated the Word of Wisdom or the law of chastity for the first time as part of a sleepover. Too often their first exposure to pornography and even their first encounter with the police occurred when they were spending the night away from home.

Peer pressure becomes more powerful when our children are away from our influence and when their defenses are weakened late at night. If you have ever felt uneasy about an overnight activity, don’t be afraid to respond to that warning voice inside. Always be prayerful when it comes to protecting your precious children."

I know that Travis and I were undecided...this gave us something to think about...

Sally said...

Thanks Heather! I loved that quote. I started this post before Conference and after that talk we now have a more solid reason to give the kids. We always said we didn't do sleepovers, but as the kids got older a few questions came up and I thought, well, we could have kids sleep at our house...but now it's nothing but "late nights". No sleep overs.

Julie said...

Grandpa Cannon used to hide things we'd left out, and we had to earn them back. So, I did that as a parent, but I'd forget where I'd hidden them! I love reading about your family. Once a month works, as long as you catch us all up!


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