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Another month slips by quickly and I feel like I need to document everything or it's like it never happened and I might forget. I'm very forgetful lately! I don't like how busy my life is but that doesn't mean I don't like my life. We're doing the best we can with what we've got. :)

Here we are having family home evening getting ready to do a puzzle and enjoying "crayon cookies" made by Summer. The girls have their hair in curlers because it's easier for me to do their hair at night then to wake them up before I leave in the mornings and do it. Plus, don't they look cute?
fun twisty curls

I love how the curls turn out!
at least I can do 3 of the 4 girls hair...I have to wait a few more years for Zoey's to grow

I Love Curl Formers!!
Zoey "helps" with the dishes

Tom has a birthday! I won't say how old he is because it's my age too! But the kids LOVE to tell everyone how old we are!

I broke down and got Tom Buckyballs...they are deadly to babies so he has to keep them away from all the kids. But they are SO fun to play with.

I love how excited the kids get when they give presents!

Sydney's card to Tom was classic!

Best (evil) chocolate cake EVER!

I planned for months to take Tom away for a night, we haven't done anything including dates for a long time. I scheduled a night at Anniversary Inn and was so excited for it, we never stay anywhere fancy. Just as we were about to leave the Anniversary Inn called and said their boiler exploded and no one could stay there for a few days! I was in a little shock and then cried. I already paid for our night there in the form of a gift certificate and they wouldn't refund it (long story) so we could stay somewhere else. I was really sad. But then our friend offered to let us use his Marriott rewards and we got to stay in a nice Marriott in SLC! We went to eat at The Roof and had all the creme brulee we wanted!

It was so nice to have hours to talk and just enjoy each other! A well needed weekend!

We couldn't find the car for 10 minutes!

Our friend even got us this lovely surprise!

Our nice room!
Sydney's art project at pack meeting, made from all recycled items!
Savannah is getting so good at playing the flute! 
Chris, Landon, Mary- we all got together because Landon and his family are moving to Florida! 
So cute! 
Favorite picture!  Our baby Zoey turned ONE on 3/16.  I can't believe it!  A year goes by so quickly!  Here's what everyone has to say about Zoey;
Summer- "I like Zoey and she's cute.  And she always plays and screams with me. And she's adorable!"
Zack- "Zoey is the best sister ever! She's fun and silly and happy and fun to play with."
Sydney- "She's cute and I love her. She always makes cute cooing sounds and says 'hi' to me. She comforts me when I'm sad."
Savannah- " She's cute, I love how she waves her hands in the air when she walks.  I love when she says 'hi' whenever she wants something or is excited or happy."
  We took her to Pirate Island.  She loved it! And her favorite thing is lolipops!
The other kids loved it to!  They have the best breadsticks!
Zoey the cute pirate
the crew sang to her and she got her own sundae
Love that smile!
What's this?
Do I like it?
Can't get enough fast enough!
St Patrick's Day dinner
I don't know why Zack is shirtless...
looking through the green punch
We took the kids to the Aquarium
Sydney loved these snakes, they look like rubber
Time for Zoey's celebration! I made fun of Tom because he kept rearranging the presents for the picture!
We're so blessed to have this cute little girl in our family!  She brings such joy to our home!!!!
She started walking a few weeks ago, so she has a crown of bruises from falling into things all the time
the girls help Zoey dig into her cake
she mostly ate the icing!
yummy cupcakes from Tarin (Zoey's "other mother")


Tarin said...

Love all the pics and updates! You have such a beautiful family. We have been enjoying little Zoey more and more these last couple of months. Love you guys! Hope we still get to see you often this summer.

Julie said...

Walking? Your baby is WALKING? How did that happen so fast?

Hannah said...

Sally, when I'm a mom I hope I'm as good as you! You are just so cute and always are doing such cute things with your kids. I love it! Also, I'm happy that you and Tom still got to have a fun night away just you two, even though the Anniversary Inn didn't work out! And one more thing, Zoey is the absolute most cutest baby in the world! I can't even get over it! I love her!

Cannon Clan said...

Fun pictures Sally. I can't believe zoey is one! She is the cutest thing, we need to get to know her better. Love the update.

Terri said...

Sally, your family is so fun, I love your pictures, and all the good times you have. I can't believe how big your kids are getting!

Wendy said...

Zoey is so adorable. What cute birthday pictures!


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