More of May 2011

I'm going to try to catch up and do each month...

Zack at the dentist, who is Tom's cousin, the kids call him "Uncle Russ".  He is SO good!  Zack had an abscess.   Poor boy couldn't put any pressure on his tooth. 

 My cheeky Zoey, she loves to sit on the treadmill, it's HER spot.  No one can sit there but her.  She loves McDonalds fries (but I try not to let her eat them)
Cheeky cute girl
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 This is my cute classroom at the end of May. 

 Sydney and Alayna
They are best friends!  
They celebrate their "friendiversary" every year on May 20th.
Cutest friends award goes to them.
They give each other gifts

Summer loves Gymnastics, it's like she was born for it.

I love this picture
Summer is in the red shorts

Trying to keep Zoey occupied during the Gymnastics meet

Zoey loves this blanket

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