August 2012

My one and only boy is 11.  He is the sweetest guy.  He is so cute with his sisters and is a great babysitter!  He loves things clean and organized, we call him our little "Monk".  He does EVERY thing I ask him to do without complaining, he never tells me no, like NEVER EVER.  (Ok, except for eating his veggies, and even then he swallows them like he's taking a pill, whole and with water!)  He hates jeans and long pants- he wears shorts year round just like his dad.  He is a picky eater because of textures.  He loves Legos more than anything and wants to work for Lego when he's grown up. He says his prayers every night and is such a great example to our whole family.  Love you Zack!

We need to come up with traditions that don't make me fat!  ;) 

Zoey adores Chelsea

It looks like there's a spider on Chelsea's shoulder! 

I'm amazed we have actual candles!  We usually use things like sparklers or matches...

Bath time is always our favorite time!

Going to the mountains just 10 days after Chelsea was born.  It was fun to get out.  My poor kids had suffered the summertime with me completely sick and bed ridden.  Not much fun.

My precious baby girl.  I am so blessed
Having fun in the river

Zack being protective of Zoey

I look at these beautiful people and cannot believe they are mine.

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Wendy said...

I feel the same way when I look at my babies! I love that you are slowly catching up! I love you and your family!


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