Cannon Reunion 2009

June 29-July 6

New Mexico was the gathering place for a fun reunion. I think I have 600 pictures so I made a few collages, click on the image to see the pictures better. :) I seriously have to TRY to restrain myself from posting TONS of pictures...and I may still post them later.

silly grandkids

Joani and Mike

Tom, Sally, Zack, Savannah, Summer, Sydney

Carson, Caleb, Heidi, Maia, Max, Reed

Sam, Becky, James, Mo

Matt, Ian, Jason, Terri

olympics, smores

carnival, parade, pinata,

crafts, games

(So, clicking on the image doesn't make them big enough for me so I will have to post the tons of pictures like I want to...)

Risky, fun, or both- in the Mountains

June 27- We went to one of our favorite spots in the canyon and had french pancakes. Nature, family, and fun, what more can I ask for?

three cute kids (Savannah was in New Mexico)

hi Summer baby

ugh...I really don't like to include pictures of me, it wrecks the dream image I have of myself

who let these kids play near a raging river? My mom will have a heart attack if she sees this...and it's only recently that we've heard on the news about rivers carrying away children, so this is fine right? (I'm being sarcastic!)

my cute Sydney

"Thomas! Stop letting her eat the batter!"

my sweet Zack

argh! it's got raw eggs in it!

I love all these baby faces

Summer took this, not bad

we brought Buddy and he got burrs all in his hair, poor puppy, I had to cut them out!

"Mom, I got all wet!"

I wonder why...

this makes my stomach turn thinking how close they are to the white water

Zack digging holes

Summer walked Buddy all around

dang, she is too cute!

We decided to check out a cool spot off the Alpine Loop, no trails, real roughing it, it was like a fairy tale place, we all loved it but again, it made me nervous, and I was wearing slippery flip flops and had to jump over small rivers and walk across wet logs...not so much fun for me!

Tom tries to convince Summer to jump

Zack is not sure


YW Camp June 9-12

It is hard for me not to post 50 pictures from camp so I only chose 30 and did a collage. It was SO much fun to be at camp again after many, many years. I love these young girls, they make me feel young again! And even though it rained 95% of the time, it was freezing, and our kitchen blew away in a mini hurricane, the girls were so positive and GREAT campers! Sharing a tent with 5 of the most FUN ladies was too fun, my stomach hurt from all the laughing. I absolutely LOVE camp!



I fixed my blog!!! I have been frustrated for weeks trying to figure out why I kept getting an error code saying my URL was not valid! Now I can finally post my hundreds of pictures that are just hanging out on my desktop.

Well, maybe not hundreds, but I do have a lot to catch up on.

OK, there really are a hundred or more pictures. I am crazy about pictures. I love them all and must post them.

Which reminds me...MATT-you owe me a CD of the reunion! :)

(I told you I wanted EVERY picture...)


Savannah's friend party

Savannah picked a friend party this year instead of an extra gift...so I tried to pull something together after school was out. I'm not good at the party thing AND staying in budget but this actually turned out ok.

dollar flip flops and my old ribbons all cut up.

it was a water party but it was chilly out so the kids sat by the fire...

"hot potato" with a leaky water balloon

tossing water balloons



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