August Recap

* Started back to work full-time * Zack turned 9 * Zoey turned 5 months (sniff) * Lagoon Day * Pinewood Derby * Grandma & Bapa visit * School starts * Soccer starts * Survival/chaos mode begins * Living on 4 hours sleep...

I saw this cloud formation while driving and thought it looked SO cool. It's a white/cloud tornado. It also was a premonition of my life in the near future.

1st week of August- So I started back to work, not officially because we weren't "required" to be at school until a few days before school started, but I don't know ANY teacher who can just come back a few days before school starts and ACTUALLY be ready.

I'm at a new school this year. Vista Heights Middle School. I am still teaching Life Skills just older kids. :) And it only takes me 2 minutes to get to school! I love being closer to home! And the hours are better too, I start earlier and end earlier, it just works out better for our family. (At least I'm trying to be positive so I won't cry all the time.)

But just LOOK at this classroom! It is THE BEST special ed classroom I have EVER seen! It's huge! It has everything!

I have a small back room that I use for testing and quiet study (it's the door with the window)

I have a full kitchen- fridge, stove, microwave, AND washer/dryer...I know, try not to be jealous

HELLO bathroom with shower!

This is what Sydney does when I bring her to help me. I have too many fun things to do I guess.


I can't believe this little man is 9. I'm SO glad he is still a mama's boy!

traditional morning donuts

I made him a JELL-O ocean scene with gummy sharks and fish. (note- swedish fish do NOT mix well in jell-o...)

poster by daddy

We were invited to the Farnsworth's cabin on his birthday and Zack was so excited. The kids all played so well together!

Zoey in a supersaucer for the first time. Love those cheekies!

we did cake and ice-cream

Russ was nice to take all the kids on a ride

Sunday we celebrated Zack's b-day with the Millers

this kid is obsessed with Legos, Bionicles, and now Hero Factory

Making Glow Sticks from Grandma and Bapa- he LOVES science!

I made him a 6 foot Lego bag (Tom helped too)

I love this child

My sister Hannah was worried because she didn't give him Legos, just a shark and whale, and that he didn't like her gift...well look how I found him that night! He loves those!

8/9- We went up to the mountains with some friends and did FHE, hot chocolate, and s'mores.

Tom did the lesson but we forgot paper so he used the cardboard box we brought the wood in. The kids all loved it. He did the Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego story. Nice effect with a fire right there.


Savannah still had a broken foot, so we got her a wheelchair. Everyone said we would get to go to the front of the lines...not so. They said someone from our group had to wait in line and then when we got up front they let Savannah in. Bummer. But she did get to ride twice so that was cool. Zoey spent the day with Aunt Angie! Thanks Angie!

I love Zack's face! And why is this guy looking right at me...weird!

Riding again. Zack and Savannah are dare devils, they wanted to go on everything. I realized that I am older than I think...rides and me don't combine well.

It was incredibly hot and no shade. Icees are awesome! And we LOVE our Cannon shirts!

Sydney gets so drained when she's hot.

Tom had to leave at 4:30 to go to his class and I stayed with the kids until 10:00!!! They did not want to leave. And Zack really wanted to go on this ride called the Jet and no one else wanted to so I went with him. Oh man! At the top of this roller coaster I told Zack I was MAD at him for making me ride! I'm such a whimp! He just laughed and laughed.

We did Rattlesnake Rapids, not such a smart idea after the sun goes down, it was FREEZING

Zack's first pinewood derby was a success. He worked for a month on his car and did everything himself, with just a little help from Tom. He was so proud of his car. He spent hours sanding it.

The other kids made little wooden cars for a mini-track. Such a cute idea.

my boy

The shark car

Summer always wants me to take pictures and I'm happy to oblige.

putting the car on the track, I have to admit my stomach turned a little with nervousness...

He didn't win but he had so much fun and was a great sport cheering for his friends and being happy! What a sweet boy!

GRANDMA and BAPA came into town to help us get ready for school and work and a crazy routine. They are so generous to come up and help all the time! Thanks Mom and Dad!!!!

Bapa doing legos with Mo and Summer, with Zack's new Lego bag.

french pancakes in the mountains, of course

Zoey eats rice cereal for the first time

she's not sure about it and I should've taken her cue

"why are you making me eat this?" We had to stop because she cried for hours and didn't sleep! (I'm not feeding her anything but formula until I'm forced)

train pictures for grandma

hi cute baby

while grandma and Bapa were here we did an early birthday party for Sydney.

She got some treasures! Sydney LOVES treasures!

Yummy Maggie-Moos ice-cream cake!

I wanted to cry when Mike and Joani left. It was SO amazing to have help with the kids, laundry, shopping, meals (and Joani made lots of freezer meals too). Going back to work this year has broken me, killed me. Oh well, you do what you have to do.

Getting 4 kids ready for the school year is crazy enough without working full-time. Tom is such a HUGE help. We all went clothes shopping which was quite the experience. Tom took Zack to pick out clothes and this is such a sore spot for me because my cute little boy won't wear jeans- ever- and the shirts he wears have to be humongous. Just wait til you see the back to school picture...so Tom and Zack show me the clothes he wants and I just fall apart. The shirts are adult XXL. Yes I'm serious! I told Zack I wouldn't buy them and a bunch of other mean things like they look like dresses on him, he cried, and I caved. We bought all the shirts he wanted. :(

Here is the loot from the trip to Kohls. It's amazing how much things add up- a few outfits, shoes for all of them, lunch boxes, backpacks...sigh...

I decided to copy my friend Mindy's idea of having sundaes the night before school starts. So we got lots of fun ice-cream flavors, cookies, and toppings and gorged ourselves. Good times.





and my Zoey Glowy, I just LOVE that face


My baby is in 7th grade! Middle School! I cried all day and I was at work! It was harder than sending her to kindergarten. I felt like I was sending her into a pack of wolves. She's my baby, I'm not ready for her to be a tween!

My other little ones.
Zack is in 4th grade (notice the size of his shirt...I have to pick my battles).
Sydney is in 5th grade
Summer is in 1st grade

bye my babies

Since I am working Tom gets all the kids ready for school in the morning, makes lunches, sends them all off, and takes Zoey to the babysitter. I feel like I miss everything. It's hard not working at the same school as my kids. I miss them. I miss seeing them at recess, lunch, and in the halls. I miss knowing their teachers really well. I miss everything. I miss seeing them in the morning (I'm at work before they wake up most of the time). And this year I missed their first day, I was already at work and Tom took these pictures.

we all survived the day

And Soccer starts. I made Tom be Zack's coach because I can't take all the kids to soccer so at least he was always with Zack.

More soccer pics to come. Hope you enjoyed my August recap.


Allison said...

I loved your August Recap! I hurt for you having to work. What a blessing to have a superstar husband to take up the slack! Your baby is the cutest baby EVER!! And don't sweat the big shirts. Not the hill to die on! You're such an amazing mom!!

Sally said...

Thanks Allison! I LOVE that mantra "not the hill to die on" I say it all the time now! :)

Bates Blogger said...

It is so hard to work when you have to say bye to your kids. I know Wendy aches to be with Kate. You're doing such a great job with your kids and I know they know they're loved. What more can we do?

Brooke Miller said...

Awww! Your family is so cute! We miss you guys! Zoey is sooo stinkin adorable!


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