GASP! Honey, we have a Teenager!

Teenager Quotes- just for fun

Cinderella- Proof that a new pair of shoes can change your life!

The young always have the same problem - how to rebel and conform at the same time. They have now solved this by defying their parents and copying one another. ~Quentin Crisp

It's difficult to decide whether growing pains are something teenagers have - or are. ~Author Unknown

The average teenager still has all the faults his parents outgrew. ~Author Unknown

Adolescence is a period of rapid changes. Between the ages of 12 and 17, for example, a parent ages as much as 20 years. ~Author Unknown

Mother Nature is providential. She gives us twelve years to develop a love for our children before turning them into teenagers. ~William Galvin

MAY 12, 1998

First child, first grandchild, first great-grandchild

Savannah is a sweetheart!  She has such a great smile and a big heart. 

She is caring and considerate of others.

Now our first teenager!

She plays the piano and flute, she loves to sing, dance, and act, she loves horses and dogs and learns everything she can about them,  she is a great babysitter, she loves the wii and DS, and she is a great helper to us at home!

Happy Birthday to our first baby girl!

Savannah is 13!!!!!!!  We love you Vanna!!!!!  We need to buy some candles and stop using sparklers!  LOL

Zoey loves our donuts tradition! 

Little nibbler

Savannah's locker, I decorated it and left a present inside- a necklace, lotions, chex mix, flavored water, skittles, and a crown (she wanted one!), it was fun to surprise her!

THE ROOF RESTAURANT- We took Savannah out for a special date.  I remember my parents taking me to NYC for a fancy dinner when I turned 13 so I wanted to do the same for my Savannah.  We didn't tell her where we were going and she was so excited and surprised.  She was GLOWING all night.  It still makes me cry when I think about this night, it was really special. 

Daddy's girl!

Beautiful view, beautiful company

We love you Savannah!  

The family celebration was on Saturday May 14.  Savannah loves Tepanyaki Japanese Steakhouse.  We can only afford it once a year so we save it for her birthday!  Double Noodles!!!

Zack went and asked for chopsticks! 

Zoey LOVED the noodles, she was grabbing them by the handfuls!  Good thing we got double! 

On her birthday we took Savannah to pick out some clothes.  She was adorable trying on outfits and twirling in the mirror.  This was a milestone because the store wasn't Walmart or Target, it was a "Mall store", her first REAL shopping trip.  Yay for girls, boo for the price tag.  (With 4 girls I need to work part-time at this store...)

We used gift bags because apparently we need to buy wrapping paper!

Love those sweet eyes

These silly monkeys wish they were twins sometimes

More sparklers

Since we only have time at night, it gets late and poor Summer falls asleep on the couch!


The Richins said...

Savannah is GORGEOUS! I can't believe she is 13!!! I seriously remember the day she was born... and I was only EIGHT! Time flies! I love love love the picture of her looking out at the temple. She is so precious and it makes me sad she's not my "little" Vannah girl anymore! She's growing into a beautiful young woman though! It's a great way to break you into being a mom of a teen because she's just so sweet it won't even be a big deal :)

Terri said...

I love the "date" idea. I bet it was so special. All I can think of is that tiny baby at our wedding!

Bates Blogger said...

She really is such a beautiful girl! I can't believe she is 13! Send her out here and I'll take her to NYC for a fancy dinner :)

The Purple Lady said...

I LOVE the teenager quotes. you are awesome in so many ways...beautiful family


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