Spring Break and Easter!

It was so fun watching conference this year, I always love conference weekend but this time my older kids watched almost every session and took notes, it was so sweet!!!


I was a little sad we didn't "go anywhere" but we still had a fun week!

Monday- 4 hrs at the dentist!!!! Not so fun
Tuesday- friends over, mine and kids
Wednesday- Swimming with 15 kids!
Thursday- Farm country/Gardens
Friday- My friend visits! Trafalga/Gardens
AND ALL WEEK JUST BEING A MOM- my favorite thing!!!!

oh and the new fascination my kids have with selling things on the sidewalk!

Summer loves to take my camera and have fun with it!

LOVED spending all week cuddling my Zoey!!!

Zack got the coolest shark shirt from Nick and Brooke!

Farm country was fun but a little cold!

fondue dinner

going swimming with ALL these kids...I love having lots of kids!

We were at the pool for 4 hrs...Zoey loved it but got cold and tired! Me too!

playing games at night, "Who What Where" such a fun game! Thanks for introducing us James and Becky, we're addicted now!

you pick 3 cards, a who, a what, and a where, then you draw it and everyone has to guess

this is Zack's

it's a dolphin, blowing out a birthday candle, in a box


a horse, building a sand castle, on an island


a sea lion, taking a picture, on a farm


a fish, watching a movie, on a volcano

Tom's of course the artist...

a butterfly, brushing teeth, at a gym

and mine....

a snake, bowling, on a boat

friends over- Savannah and Brianna

Zoey and her cute teeth!

Hannah graduates from BYU

EASTER- fun traditions

The Easter bunny comes on Saturday so we can focus on the real meaning of Easter on Sunday. We have so much fun. The bunny visits our house and leaves candy EVERYWHERE and I mean everywhere, it takes him a long time too!

Zoey is getting a sugar high...

the kids wait for instructions/rules

time to collect!

Zack and his super sized shirts! (I actually think this is one of Tom's!!!!)

Zoey wants some

she was too cute walking around with her basket!

the Easter bunny did a scavenger hunt for the kids to find their baskets

we sent the kids everywhere looking for the golden egg while Zoey had it, but she got too excited and fell. Poor baby.

reading the clues

clues in fun places

I was NOT happy about this clue, the Easter bunny was in trouble!

can't believe Syd actually picked it out!

even a clue in the mailbox

LOVE Summer's face! Trying to figure out this clue! Huh?

and the grand finale

Easter dinner, I felt bad I didn't do a ham and yummy potatoes but the kids were happy with our usual french pancakes...colored

we put everything in Easter decor, this is syrup

Easter egg pancakes

the BIG bowl of candy



we filled the big eggs with fruit cocktail


Zoey loves the dinner!

a fast video, I tried to catch Zoey giggling

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