July 2011

I haven't really blogged since June of last year.  There is a good reason for that, but now I want to catch up on this journal type of our lives.  I have more than 300 pictures to upload and lots to say.

The 4th of July celebrations-

We went to my friend Megan's house to have a BBQ and do some fireworks.  The kids had fun.  Sydney was sick so she missed out.  The first thing I did was lock my keys in the car with the baby's food and diaper bag...SO me! 

Zoey doesn't really drink, she just liked banging the glass

These fired up real fast

Every year we go to the balloon festival in Provo.  We get up SUPER early but it's worth it.  This time however all the balloons came down 5 minutes after we got there due to the crazy wind.  At least the kids got to see some blown up.

I love this baby

Zack and Darth

Zoey fell asleep so fast in the car.

Grandma came to visit and we were so happy to see her!

This is now Grandma's room. 

Grandma always brings crafts

Zoey doing her favorite thing- emptying drawers

Mountain time

Tom is so cute with his mom!!!

We love to hug Grandma!

Holy Marshmallows!

Yeah, too big for smores

Grandma fixed Zoey's favorite book!

We all had pedicures! 

I'm glad we had some fun times, during a very hard time.

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Wendy said...

So fun to see a new post! Glad you had some good times, in the midst of such a hard time.


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