August 2011

August Activities-
Grandma teaches the kids to stitch!

Caleb and Grandma come for a week of FUN

The kids have so much fun together

Lagoon day

It was so hot

Zack and Caleb were the only brave ones to go on Wicked!


Staying up late!  Caught you boys! 

Zoey loves loves loves making messes

Savannah finally has her bday party- only 3 months late, yep I'm a good mom! 

Zack turns 10!!!  We love you Zack man!
Zoey loves our donuts tradition!
We went to the mountains to celebrate Zack.

Zack got an air soft gun and used it to blow out the candles
I love my Zo-Zo bear!

Zack and Caleb helping in my classroom!


Dinosaur Museum

Jump on it

Getting fish from the lake
Cute cute cousins!
My favorite thing about Zoey's hair, or lack of hair, is the little curl at the back of her neck!

 This is the program for the memorial for Tom's dad.  I still can't believe he's not here and we all miss him every day.


1 comment:

Wendy said...

Sally, reading your blog makes me want summer to arrive tomorrow! Only three months and then it's summer break. And I still can't believe that Tom's dad is gone. I hope your Mom-in-law is doing well.

Love to you all!

And I love love love the cuddly Zoey picture.


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