June 2012

Tom's work went under last month so we had the privilege of having him home. He took care of me, the kids, the house, the cleaning, the laundry, meals, shopping, basically everything! We think he's meant to be home right now so Chelsea isn't born early.
playing by the river

Another trip to the mountains

I haven't done my hair or wore make up the last 6 months- I needed it back every day when I was sick and I cried every time I threw up so I couldn't wear make up. 

Cute Summer

Sydney thinks this tree root looks like a mini wookie

Zoey loves her daddy!   She gives "fish kisses"

love Zoey's expression

Tom told Zack to dance for a cookie...

being silly

pool time

everyone loves coloring with Daddy

This is me after being outside for 5 min!  I need to live somewhere cold or not be 9 months pregnant in the summertime!   And yes those are bags of frozen veggies and ice packs.

Reed and Heidi came to visit!  It was so fun to have them stay with us!

Aw Shucks, these kids are cute!

These two girls had so much fun together

getting muddy in the mountains of course

1 comment:

Wendy said...

Trials and blessings can be the same thing sometime can't they? I'm glad Tom was there to take care of you and the family. I'm excited for the posts about Miss Chelsea!!


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