May 2012

Trip to the Zoo with Grandma

Tuckered out


I found these cute girls in bed with Grandma laughing and chatting, precious!

Sam's baptism!  Didn't we just have Summer and Sam blessed?! 

I love this picture!

You cannot be 14 Savannah girl!

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We sure LOVE you!  You are so beautiful inside and out!  Things we love about you- playing the piano on Sunday mornings, your love of music, how you are so quick to smile even when you're mad, you are a GREAT help to mom, you are a good example, and you are so sweet!   

I think she's scared of the candles?

Nope, just wanted cake
The kids always fight over who gets to sit by daddy.  Zoey usually wins!

My cute Syd

Atlie and Syd waiting for the eclipse.  My family came over to watch the eclipse.  I got the special glasses for everyone

Special eclipse glasses

My dad brought his telescope- COOL!
Caught Zoey behind the couch with my lip gloss!  :) 

Summer's gymnastics meet

Trip to the mountains

Zack, buddy, you need a haircut. 

Zack went to Hope of America.  I couldn't go because of my blood pressure.  Story of my life the last 6 months.   

I don't know how I survived this year in school. I was sick EVERY SINGLE day! I threw up in the car on the way to work every day without exception. I felt like a zombie. I should've been on bed rest and listened to my Dr,  I should've taken it easy. Instead I thought I could just watch my blood pressure myself. Not the best decision I could have made. I was taking a risk with my life and my baby's life. Thank goodness I had AWESOME ladies that took care of me at work and gave me TONS of support, above and beyond!   Kim and Stephanie, you are amazing and my heroes! 

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Hannah said...

That picture of you and Tom is my favorite. So cute!!!!


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