Playing catch up

I just posted a slide show of Reed & Heidi's visit but since I started it on 8/10, I can't figure out how to put it at the top so you'll just have to scroll down past my "bad day" post to see it. Sorry. I need to play catchup here for my journaling purposes...

I have to tell my sister Emma how awesome she was for taking our kids for 3 days and nights while I worked until 11pm every day! THANK YOU!!! She and Hannah took them to Jungle Jims and out to eat, no wonder they didn't want to come home! I talked to her after the first day and asked how it went...she said, "I'm exhausted! They're good they just take A LOT of energy!" We can't express how grateful we were to her for those 3 days! She is always so loving and patient with them. A perfect Aunt! And Tom and I actually did take some time to go on a date! Thanks again "Amma" as Summer calls you. :)

These next set of pics are from a mountain picnic with the Millers when Alison was here the beginning of August.

Summer ( I can't remember why she was mad in this picture, maybe she's sick of me taking so many????)

Totally beautiful and messy girls! Summer, Sydney, Atlie , Sahalie, and Evie

Evie and Bo

My cute lovey-dovey parents

Nick and Brooke

Sahalie and Atlie

I just love this adorable little boy!

Bo and Zack, born on the same day, cute boys!

Zack's birthday, notice the General Grevious poster, Zack was so excited about it he kept giggling when Tom was drawing it!

Zack's Bionicle cake. Thanks Heidi for making it!!!!! It was super yummy!

Zack's birthday date with mom and dad. He wanted to go to Olive Garden because he LOVES the breadsticks! He's such a cute boy! We a great time with our Zacko!

Mama's boy and I absolutely love it!

I love this because they have the same smile!

We went to Cascade Springs tonight 8/23, on a whim, and it was so much fun!

My "big kid"

My preteen

Sad that there was a fire years ago but I love the black wood surrounded by all the green.

Token picture of Tom and me...typical!

It was getting dark fast since we got there at 8pm! We were the only ones there and it was great!

On the drive home Sydney wanted Tom to tell stories of when he was a kid. Tom is so great at retelling stories, he had the kids hanging on every word for like an hour!! I had not heard some of them also, I can't believe how many times he has been in danger...trapped in a cave, lost in the mountains (well that one doesn't surprise me), seeing a bear on a hike with Reed, taking me up past the 'Y' before we were married and getting lost for a long time in the dark (yeah, I have to tell that one in detail later!)...it was so fun to hear stories. Thanks Tom, now you just need to write them on your blog! :)


I will survive...?

This is my new theme song! Gotta keep a positive attitude or I'll lose the rest of my already failing mind! :)

Good news is that the district approved 2 more aides in my classroom! Hallelujah!!! My principal came in a few times to help me and he really pushed for more help, he's the best! So if anyone wants to work with me...there is a 7hr/day and 4hr/day position. Let me know! The pay could be better but the company is not, we have fun, we rock!

Bad news, for me, is that I have 174 items in my google reader and I am going through blog withdrawals!!! I miss my blogging. I will try to get back into a routine but so far it's difficult to do anything after work, and I work on weekends now too (probably for the next few weeks). So if I am not making comments like I usually do please don't feel bad! I still love ya! :) I am not even done with Breaking Dawn yet! I tried to finish it this week a few nights and fell asleep reading! At 7:30pm! That's how tired I am! I am dying to finish the book, it's my favorite one so far, at least tied with Twilight. I have to tell everyone around me not to talk about it because they're already done! Maybe I can finish this weekend...in between laundry, cleaning, working, playing with the family...

I hope to get some pics up soon, I'm falling behind in my "fun journal". Tom makes fun of me still, how I used to pay attention to him before the blog, and how I can tell him something and the next day he can read it IN DETAIL on the blog...haha. Hopefully I can get back into the routine again.


Bad Day

After working like 80+ hours last week getting ready for school...this is how the first day went without giving too many details...From 5:30 am to 5:30 pm I have not sat down, ate my lunch standing up, and have not had a potty break! I just sobbed on the way home from school today and am having a pity party right now. I love the kids I work with, they are Heavenly Father's special/perfect children, but today was one of the worst days of my teaching career. Maybe because I want everything to be perfect, on top of 5 extremely hard students and only 3 adults to manage those 5 plus 7 more students who just sat around and watched us wrestle with the 5...it was so sad. I will be surprised and overjoyed if my two wonderful aides come back tomorrow!! My principal, who is the BEST, came into the room and asked how our day went...we all broke down. At least I have a great administrator who supports me, my aides, and my students! To say the least I am completely overwhelmed! A few years ago I taught in a very difficult Autism unit and this doesn't even come close to that. Wah, wah, I know, but it does feel good to vent and YES, I do want/need a lot of sympathy here!!!! :)

My own children had a great first day of school and so here they are. They were SO excited to start! My two youngest totally crashed in the car on the way home, poor things! It's such a long day for them!!!

Miracle of miracles, I got out the door at 7am with all 4 kids dressed, fed, hair done, and ready to go!!!

My cuties and my sillies

tired after a long day...


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