Here we go again...

Before reading this post click on the Josh Groban "You are loved" song on my playlist, it will add emotion while reading... :)

I asked Tom if I could write about this personal experience for a few reasons, (1) I use my blog to journal and (2) I want to share our faith with friends and family who read our stories. So here goes, on Friday 3/28 Tom calls me and says , "You are not going to believe this! The company is going under!" I immediately thought he was teasing me like he frequently does, but after a few minutes I knew he was serious. Instead of feeling utter panic and crying I kind of laughed and said, "Well, we've been through this before and things always work out." Tom and I both felt peace. We've been through this 4 times in 4 years!!!! So, bring it on! Life is full of challenges and ups and downs. Tom and I feel so blessed to have the gospel, our family and friends, good health, and freedom. Everything else is just temporal stuff. I'm not saying it's easy and I know there may be days where all I eat is chocolate and cry a lot but I feel such strength from Heavenly Father. The past 4 times we have gone through a trial like this Tom has just been amazing and stalwart! He is my strength and positive influence. I tend to be a little negative and worry a lot, Tom counteracts all that. The thing we both find so amazing is that each time we have come out in a better situation, things we could not have foreseen, doors were open that we never knew were there! Family, friends, and our church were such HUGE blessings!! So I am hoping this time is the same...we have been praying for a way to get me back home (not teaching and maybe another baby) and maybe this will be an answer! Another incredible thing is the fact that I am working and have health benefits. Over a year ago Tom and I both felt I should go back to teaching. It was a VERY hard decision and I cried a lot (and still do, I did NOT want to quit my cute home preschool...) but we couldn't believe how strongly we felt it was the right thing to do at the time. Well, now it has blessed us TWO times in less than a year!! We feel very grateful for me to have a stable income and benefits! Plus I work great hours and have the summers off with my babies. So really I should quit my complaining! I am excited to say that my baby Summer will be in the preschool at my school next year too! Another blessing. So during this "storm" Tom and I feel very calmed by our Heavenly Father. I keep thinking out of all the trials we could have this is really minor. As long as we have each other and the gospel we can get through anything! I just wanted to share my feelings and say that I know our Heavenly Father loves us, knows us, knows our names (the one we have here and the one He gave us), He is in control, I know these things with all my heart and it makes ALL the difference in my life!


Sum, Sum, Summertime

3/25 How many birthday traditions do we have?? A lot! Here are the morning donuts and the poster!

More Summer Fun!

On Monday 3/24 Tom and I took Summer up to Primary Children's Hospital to meet with a doctor about her tonsils/adenoids surgery. We were talking about it with her the day before and our other kids were scaring Summer saying "They're going to take your tonsils out!" She was SO nervous on Monday and right when we were getting to the hospital she threw up in the car, she doesn't get carsick so I know it was nerves. Poor thing. She went into the doctor's office covering her mouth (so they couldn't take her tonsils!) Even though I kept telling her we were just talking today! The surgery is set for June 3rd after school is out so I can be home with her. Anyway, we decided to take Summer on her "birthday date with mom and dad" the same day since we were both off work. We ate in SLC and then met Becky, Sam, and Mo at the zoo. Summer just adores Sam so we thought it would be fun to have them all there, and it was fun!

She fell asleep 30 seconds after getting in the car!

Happy ending to a hard day...

There's nothing like waking up to messages from all your para educators that they won't be at school today! All of them gone at the same time for unforeseen circumstances! It is very hard to find subs for special ed! Then my cute secretary calls in a panic, "Sally! Did you know you're going to be alone today???!!" I wanted to say, "Can't we just cancel class because there is NO way I can do it by myself!!" But a very awesome mom of one of my students volunteered to sub and they found someone else to help me in the morning. For those who don't understand what a severe special ed class looks like I will try to explain...12 kids ages 6-8, 5 in diapers, 3 who wander/run away, all need one-on-one help, all on a preschool level and attention spans of flies.. I felt like I was trying to herd kittens on speed all day today! I love my class dearly but it is so hard without my great aides! Needless to say I was/am exhausted, I called Tom and said, "I cannot do anything tonight." So he was sweet to suggest that we go out as a family for Summer's birthday to the Mayan restaurant. YAY!

I guess on M,T,W they have fire eaters. It was hilarious when the show started because we were right up front and Zack shouted, "You shouldn't play with fire!" He's right!

Summer's Birthday Week?

We went to my mom's house for dinner on Sunday and had a party for Summer. (I can't believe my baby is 4...sniff)

Savannah in her typical spot, on the computer!

Nick and Summer

Summer, Syd, Atlie, Macie

Think she's excited??

Summer and Hannah (my clone). My siblings and I used to (and still do) tease Hannah about really being my child, not my sister! We are mean! Isn't she cute?

Sydney and Atlie, cut from the same stone...partners in crime...but they sure are cute!

And then there's Zack my sweet little man!

Easter Fun

The inside hunt...

The baskets...

Could those eyes be any prettier???

The outside hunt...not too many places to hide in our bare backyard, but it was still fun!

How tired do you have to be...

to fall asleep on the treadmill????


Tom's Talents

Tom makes the kids' lunches every night and at least once a week he draws a picture and puts it in their lunch boxes. Here are a few samples from Zack. The first thing the kids do when they come down in the morning is check their lunches for notes. They love it!

This was Tom's object lesson for Sunday School last Sunday and our FHE lesson. I'll explain a little so you can do it if you want and so I can remember. After some discussion about the 10 commandments you get a bowl of water, a tablespoon or so of pepper, and dish soap. The pepper represents all of us (people), the water is the world, the soap is the "pure evil". :) So you put the pepper into the water and it floats all over, then drop one drop of soap in and see what happens to the pepper (it's how we are to act around "pure evil"!) It is fun to watch! Tom decorated the soap bottle...

The back says, "Ingredients: dishonesty, rated-R movies, pornography, fighting, skipping church, ignoring the Prophet, not reading scriptures, stealing, using drugs, swearing, disobeying parents, and chocolate." The chocolate part (NOT literal!!) is a reference to a previous lesson which is another one I may share on the blog, it's one of my favorites, "The Ryadites"


Happy St. Patrick's Day!

We had our traditional ALL GREEN dinner! Green french pancakes, green eggs, green lemonade, green pears, and bacon (I didn't know how to make that green). So guess what color will be in our porcelain thrones the next 24 hours??? :)

Sunday Festivities

We had FHE, decorated easter eggs, played BINGO, ate cheese & crackers for dinner (which is a Cannon tradition) while watching home movies, and for dessert root beer floats! What a FUN, full day!

Me and my girls!

Summer took this picture of Bapa!

She also took this one of Grandma!

Dinner at Becky's with Grandma & Bapa

Grandma and Bapa came up from New Mexico on Thursday!! They had dinner with us and then took Summer up to Becky's to sleep over. Summer loved it! Sam is her "best buddy". Then we picked up Summer Friday night and had dinner at Becky's.

Tom and Mo

Tom the ultimate massage mooch!!

Cute Grandma & Bapa

Mo and Sam

Zack and Savannah

Bapa, Sally, & Grandma

Summer with her HUGE cookie

Grandma & Sydney


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