So this darn Twilight series has me all deep in thought and remembering my own experiences, of high school, of first love, of deep indescribable sorrow of losing someone, funny what can bring those feelings back up to surface...like empathizing with a character in a book. :) I have had 3 experiences in my life like that, accompanied with a lot of grief, I am such a melodramatic sap aren't I? Tom will tell you exactly how many boyfriends I have had... but my heart only broke over 3. First one in high school, how can anyone so young be so sure of how they feel, but I was, completely, even put what my initials would be if we got married in my yearbook quote!!! Then when it ended I sulked/cried for a LONG time, listened to love songs only to cry more (songs like "nothing compares to you" sinead o'connor) and lost a lot of weight, which back then made me look like a skeleton, to the point that made my mother so nervous she actually picked me up effortlessly and said she was making me go to the doctor, ah good times...instead I joined weight watchers with her, I know it sounds weird but it makes you eat, and guess what I gained weight on weight watchers! LOL. It took me a long time to get over my first heartache. The second one was my sophomore year at BYU, it was either get married to my returned missionary or go on a mission, a decision that had me in agony either way. I had always wanted to go on a mission and I cried when I thought about not going, but I also cried about leaving this person I thought I couldn't live without! Things worked out in the end, of course, but not without MUCH heartbreak, losing weight, etc.. It was then that I decided that the person I would marry would have to make me forget about these two heartbreaks. Along comes my Tommy, not without heartbreak though, we broke up 3 times and it nearly killed me, even though I was doing the breaking up. I think he needed a swift kick in the rear! And he got it the third time we were apart, realizing there was no one better than me, for him. I think it's funny that he lets me talk about my past but there is NO WAY he can even mention his! He sees my past as a trophy for him, I know he's weird! :) When we disagree on anything he jokes, "Well don't you wish you married (insert name)?" or "I bet (name) would give you another baby!" I always punch him in the arm when he says stuff like that. (This really sounds like a journal entry and a little personal) Can anyone tell how enthralled I am? Got to get back to reading... Hee Hee

My world stood still...

Yes, welcome me as the newest fan to Twilight! I started Friday night and finished on Saturday! I got nothing done, except feed my kids. It felt good. I love that book and today I am starting New Moon...I think Tom is not too happy. Now I need to get the latest edition of my dad's book and read that too! (If you know me well then you know I am NOT a reader, except of blogs...) I better get all my reading in before school starts again!


A fun ride

After gymnastics and tae kwon do on Tuesday we came out of the Legacy center to find a bunch of Lehi power trucks giving rides, hot dogs, and drinks! SWEET! Dinner AND entertainment for my kids!



getting ready to ride, and NO I did not go...

More Mountain lovin

Granite Flats is such a beautiful campsite! I love the huge granite all over and so do the kids. This never gets old...

Savannah and Syd on granite

my monkey Syd

Summer loves french pancakes

I don't like pictures of me but I figure I better stop deleting them...


Summer is looking a lot better and getting her cheeks back!

monkey Zack

Tom and Summer

Activity Days

I got to spend all day Saturday with my "twins" at an activity days event. It was fun, the theme was the many colors of service and at each station the girls did something for service ie, writing letters to our great military, putting lunches together for a shelter, tying blankets, helping teachers by cutting and putting packets together, learning to lead music....it was a great day!



How To Play This Game of Tag: Post these rules on your blog. List: 3 joys, 3 fears, 3 goals, 3 current obsessions/collections, 3 random surprising facts about yourself. Tag 5 people at the end of your post by leaving their names.

JOYS (aside from the top 2 family & faith)
1. Being at home with my family/not working!!
2. Diet pepsi & chocolate
3. Enjoying the beautiful outdoors and playing in the mountains. I love hearing my kids say they never want to leave and that they want to live in the mountains! ( I love watching them play using their imaginations, it's so great!)

1. Heights, flying (I have panic attacks on planes!)
2. Not being able to have another baby
3. Fast water/rivers=drowning

1. Stay at home (no more working outside the home)
2. Learn flute again, I miss it!
3. Be healthy and fit!!!!!

1. Blogging
2. Sewing/collecting moda fabric
3. Trying desperately to keep my kids occupied 12 hours a day!!!!

1. I am the shortest person in my family, this is not a surprise to most people! :)
2. I totally love music and need it playing all day!! (I love that my kids love my music too and we play it loud and dance around!)
3. I am a total cheese ball (whatever that means, but it's true!)

1. Tim/Angie
2. Jerry/Autumn
3. Mom
4. Dad
5. Ali/Dan, you need to update your blog! :)


Water Babies

The Legacy Center is an incredible place! Just another reason I love Lehi! The pool is outdoor/indoor and SO kid friendly, the planners really knew their population! We went swimming for 4 hours today and I think the kids could've stayed longer...me, not so much (I am SO burnt even with 50+ SPF sunscreen! Thanks British skin!!!) Now onto cute pictures of my water babies! (I've only been a SAHM for a few weeks and I don't want to go back to work, wahh) I just love it.

Legacy Center

the water bucket

baby splash mountain (too babyish for my Summer...)

Savannah in the lazy river

Sydney, Zack, Savannah in the river


Zack o man

Vanna batting eyelashes

Summer & Sydney

Zack having too much fun splashing everyone...yep, the dry moms sitting along the side!

Summer and her blue lips


Why would you do that!?!!??

Those words come out of my mouth WAY too often. So here is what happened the day before Summer's surgery...

I was getting ready to go to a friends' house to help cook food for YW camp, I told the kids to go outside and get in the car. One minute later I come outside to find newspaper ALL over the lawn and the street, like everywhere!!!!! I see Sydney and Zack ripping up the Sunday paper (which is huge, and still on my driveway) jumping and giggling and screeching. Well, it was MY turn to screech! This is one of those times that my blood pressure rises instantly, all I can think about is all the mess, the Lehi wind carrying the papers, and how mad I am! I wish I had the frame of mind to take a picture! So I told them to "pick up all the papers, every single one! And you just lost your allowance!" Then I called Tom to cry about it! I may expect this type of behavior from toddlers BUT Sydney is almost 9!!!! And Zack is almost 7!!!!! Come on!!!! So we finally get all the papers up and drive over to the house where I"ll be cooking...I find a chocolate bar in the car and so I share it with Savannah and Summer, none for the naughty kids (they cried!) I know, I'm mean...but it felt good! :)


Goings on

Care package from Grandma and Bapa that we got on Weds, "something soft to cuddle, something to color, something soft to eat (knox blocks)" thanks!!

she really was happy...

so hard to get her to eat ANYTHING!

this was taken after the ER visit, she still looks like a skeleton

Fathers day, Tom drew pictures for the kids to color, they love that!

Summer is a little happier

opening gifts from the kids

this would've been a great picture but Summer was mad for some reason...

6/16 Grandma and Bapa visit from New Mexico, the kids always get excited when they come! They played games and did a few crafts (stain glass, water color, scratch pictures)

Zack is very proud of his Kung Fu panda move

Thanks for the fun day! We all needed it! Though you may be tired. :)


Happy Fathers Day!

Happy Fathers Day to all the wonderful men in our lives! There is nothing like watching a father play with his kids!

Tom, you are the best at playing! Thanks for being an amazing "dada" we love you more than words can express!!

dad for 10 years and counting...

Savannah-"Daddy is very funny and I love when he's in a silly mood because he will be hyper with me. And I love it when he forces mommy to give him a massage."
Sydney- "I like when daddy plays rough with me! And spinning me around and throwing me on the couch!"
Zackary-"Daddy draws me cool stuff. He plays with me. He builds legos with me. I love daddy. He plays crossbows and catapults with me. He tickles me and spins me around."
Summer-"I love dada! He's silly and fun. Thank you for sharing your candy with me."

Bapa, thanks for being a great dad and father-in-law. Thanks for giving us many traditions we have adopted into our family! You are a great example to us! We love you!!

dad for 36 years!

Savannah-"I love it when you play with me and I love when you play with your trains with me. I love you."
Sydney-"Bapa, I love you, so tomorrow I will draw a picture of a train for you."
Zackary-"I love him. I like his trains. I like that he plays with me and that he's funny."
Summer-"I love you, you are coming to my house. Thank you for the package. You are funny and I play with you."

Pops, there is no one in the world like you! Thanks for loving us all unconditionally! Thanks for being so selfless with your own 9 kids and 13 grandkids! We love you!!

dad for 36 years!

Savannah-"I love you, I love to play with you and you're so much fun to joke around with. I love your food that you make!"
Sydney-"Pops, I love you, I like your backyard because there is so much room to run around. You make me laugh and I love you!"
Zackary-"You are funny and you make me laugh and you are nice! I love you!"
Summer-"Pops is nice and I love him."

Tom with each of the kids...


Dads ARE great!!



So, I couldn't stand to see her sunken eyes any longer, and my mom freaked out that I hadn't taken her in so I took her in. She had a few bags of saline solution and another nausea medication and some morphine. She has lost 5 pounds in 3 days! She still has not opened her mouth to talk but when I asked if she wanted Sonic slushes she clapped her hands! It was cute. I LOVE Sonic slushes! I really hope we don't have to go back to the ER for rehydration, they had a hard time finding a vein because she was so dehydrated, SAD!

these were taken with my cell phone...


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